Dog’s Mouth Is Accidentally Glued Shut, But The Vet Knows Exactly What To Do

It’s no secret to dog owners that their pups love to eat just about anything they can get their chompers on. Sometimes, it feels like no matter how careful you are to keep things out of their reach, they find ways to get into trouble anyway.

When a Jack Russell in the United Kingdom started eating a brochure that was sent through the mail, no one thought much of it. Typical dog, behavior right? And when you think about it, there are much worse things for him to chew on… right?

Unfortunately, his owners quickly learned that even something as innocuous as the mail could be a threat to their dog’s health. When they went to feed the dog later that day, they made a shocking discovery that sent them running to the vet…

Dogs love chewing on things, and nothing is ever off-limits to them. From shoes to pieces of clothing to the pages of their owners’ favorite books, there’s hardly anything that will stop a doggo from doing what he loves most! For some puppies, this is just a phase that they go through as they are developing, but for others, it’s a lifelong habit.

Some dogs are more prone to chewing on things than others, of course. If a dog is a natural-born chewer, they are going to find a way to get their favorite items and gnaw away no matter what! It’s not always the end of the world when they do, but sometimes it can be a big mistake.

Finlay, a seven-year-old Jack Russell mix, was a chewer by birth, and he had a real passion for one thing: the family mail! One day, this habit went from annoying to dangerous when he began chewing on a brochure that slipped through the front door mail slot and right into Finlay’s paws. As far as chewable objects go, a paper brochure seemed harmless—but that would turn out to be the exact opposite soon enough.


Finlay’s family soon realized they should have stopped him from forming this habit sooner when it came time to feed him later that day. They found the dog whimpering at his bowl, but they couldn’t figure out what was wrong. Unfortunately, the gloss of the brochure had reacted with Finlay’s saliva, forming a sort of superglue between his teeth.

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His owners didn’t know what to do; they’d never seen anything like this before. They tried everything they could to get the poor pup’s teeth unstuck, but nothing they tried would work. Like it or not, they had only once choice left: taking Finlay to the veterinarian.

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“His mouth was clamped shut and when we opened it we could see his lefthand canine teeth were stuck together with a white pale glue,” said veterinarian Dr. Scott Carpenter. The veterinary team had never seen anything like it, and they set to work to help out the desperate doggo.

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By the time he arrived at the vet, Finlay was starting to get an idea of just how dire his situation really was. The poor dog was terrified, which didn’t make the vet’s job any easier. To get his mouth open, the team had to sedate him. Then, they tried pouring hot water on his teeth…

Unfortunately, this didn’t work. They had to think of something else, and fast. There was only a limited amount of time that they could expect the sedation to work, and it would be dangerous to dose Finlay twice. This time, they figured out a solution using both hot water and a seriously strange ingredient: butter!

The cleansing and melting effect of the hot water combined with the lubrication provided by the butter was finally doing the job. After about 45 minutes of pouring this mixture over the dog’s mouth, they were finally able to separate his teeth.

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After this incident, Finlay’s owners said they planned to get a “letter box cage” to prevent anything like this from happening again in the future. Here’s hoping that Finlay doesn’t get any bright ideas and try to chew up anything else that proves to be so dangerous!


This story is kind of funny, but only because it has a happy ending. Still, it’s scary to think something as innocuous as a brochure could lead to this!

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