No One On The Internet Can Tell If This Is A Dog Or A Bear — Can You?

Every few months, a bizarre but controversial photo surfaces on the internet and people go wild. A few years ago it was deciding the color of “the dress,” but there’s no end to the strange images the web will debate. Predictably, people argue, the photo goes viral, and the media covers this public controversy for a brief period of time. It doesn’t matter how petty, we can’t help but share our opinion on these divisive pictures.

Funny enough, all of that discussion only leads to more uncertainty about the reality of the situation: What color was “the dress,” really?

The debate du jour is whether the animal in this picture is a bear or a dog. Regardless of species, he’s adorable, but that hasn’t stopped internet users from begging the universe for an answer… What do you think?

This photograph has spread like wildfire across the internet and has people wondering one thing: What is this animal?


The big debate rages on over whether this fluff ball is a dog or a bear. 


One thing everyone seems to agree on it that it’s unbelievably cute…


Some people aren’t even convinced he’s real…


…While others on Reddit think it might be part of a PokemonGo update…


Redditor vest44soccer thinks George Lucas may have had something to do with it.


Though Reddit user  yamesjames burst everyone’s bubble and answered the question:  He’s the dog of a friend, and his name is Kuma.

Yamesjames might have given a definitive answer on what the animal is, but I’m not so sure that I’m ready to believe it myself.

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