Dog Sitter Films His Adventures With The Pooch While The Owners Are Away

Over long vacations, most owners find it tough to leave their four-legged babies at home. Even if a house-sitter stays the whole time, concerned puppy parents still can’t be sure that Spot’s getting all of the TLC he deserves.

When one family needed a dog sitter for their pooch, Skylar, while they went on vacation, they entrusted a young man named James Liakos with the duty. Hilariously, he decided to make a film of their activities while the owners were away, entitled Dog: Story Of A Man’s Best Friend.

The final product was, well… something else!

For pet owners hoping to take an extended vacation, it’s stressful to leave your four-legged companion at home. When one family went on a week-long excursion, they left their dog, Skylar, in the care of a dog sitter named James Liakos. Thankfully, with the help of a video camera, James decided to record his experience. To say the two of them had a great time would be an understatement!

The family was nervous, of course, and they wanted to make sure that Skylar was in the best hands possible. Much to the relief of the family members, as soon as James entered their home, Skylar seemed to immediately take to him.

Because Skylar was an active dog, the family instructed that James give the pup plenty of time outdoors. Of course, he recorded everything! James decided that the first thing they would do would be to play Frisbee in the backyard. He grew up with dogs, and he found that a Frisbee was a one-way ticket to their heart…

And boy, was he right! Still, even after a long, exhausting game of catch with the Frisbee, Skylar had tons of energy. So what better way to burn some of it off than to run a few laps around the yard? James found it hard to keep up with the energetic dog, but he loved every second of his company—and his video was perfect proof.

After their leisurely jog around the family’s backyard, James and Skylar took a trip around the neighborhood for a change of scenery. It was a gorgeous day, and the neighborhood had a lot of beautiful areas for them to explore.

After their outdoor journey, it was finally time to head inside and cool off. That didn’t mean sitting on the couch and watching television. Instead, James had another idea in mind: He wrapped himself up in a towel, and he and Skylar took turns making hilarious faces at each other in front of the camera!

Dog-sitting Skylar was turning out to be one of the best experiences James had ever had with an animal. The two of them got along like the best of friends. With the camera set up, James even took the time to explain the importance of core strength training to Skylar using the family’s yoga ball!

After several hours of nonstop playing, Skylar seemed to know when it was time to rest. He retreated to the cozy fleece mattress inside his cage, as it had been a long day of fun. While Skylar certainly loved his family, he discovered a special bond with James.

James would always remember the time he spent with Skylar. After returning home, the family was amazed to see just how close the two of them had become. Thrilled with James’ work, Skylar’s family knew that the next time they took a vacation, James would be their first choice to watch their pup!

Watch James’s video below of the wild time he had with Skylar; there was even a blooper reel! You’ll laugh out loud at some of the precious moments these two buddies shared. It takes a special person to establish such a strong connection with an animal, and as you can see, James was clearly the right man for the job!

That was quite the journey—and bromance. Who knew they’d have so much fun? Can we get these two their Oscar, please?

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