Snarling Pit Bull Who’s Been Chained His Entire Life Is Freed By A Dog Whisperer

Pit bulls have an unsavory reputation, but it’s not really fair. They can be just as loving and sweet as any other pooch, and by the same token, any dog can become hostile and unpleasant if it’s not well cared for.

When “dog whisperer” Steffen Baldwin met a pit bull named Tank, the dog was so nasty that his owners were considering getting rid of him. Then, they admitted the likely reason behind Tank’s behavior…

Neighbors reached out to animal activist and dog trainer Steffen Baldwin about a pit bull named Tank who was overly hostile and possibly neglected by his owners. No crime had been committed because the dog had food, water, and shelter, but Steffen reached out to the pit’s owners anyway.

The owners were open to finding Tank a new home because he lashed out at their kids. He was so vicious that they had to throw his food to him from several feet away.

However, they also admitted that they had kept Tank chained 24 hours a day for most of his life. He got no physical or mental stimulation and had no way to release pent up energy. Steffen wasn’t surprised at all that the pit acted the way he did.

He decided to try to help Tank, drawing from his years of animal experience. An hour and many hot dog treats later, the pit bull finally began to warm up to Steffen. Then the trainer did something crazy…

Steffen decided that the dog was ready to be off the chain. “Let’s go do stuff — let’s go be a dog,” he told Tank as he unchained him and took him for a walk that lasted an hour. Amazingly, the pit bull was very well behaved!

Steffen continues to train Tank, and thanks to his intervention, Tank’s owners are working harder to take care of him until Steffen can find the dog a new family. In a great turn of events for Tank, he gets to be unchained 24/7 now!

Watch the tense first interaction between Tank and Steffen here:

(Video may take a moment to load.)

What an incredible story! It just goes to show that any dog, if treated right, can make a loving and well-behaved pet.

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