Girl On A Mission To Climb The Stairs Doesn’t Realize Her Dogs Have Other Plans

Few things are as worrisome for a new parent as losing sight of their babies. If they’re missing for even just a few seconds, babies can find themselves in dangerous predicaments—such as climbing up a steep staircase without supervision.

Case in point: When this little one had an itch to go exploring, she decided to focus her attention on a steep staircase. Unfortunately, her two dogs started to get really pushy. The baby couldn’t figure out why her best friends weren’t letting her explore the stairway.

That’s when the child’s mother, who was filming the whole thing, realized what the clever canines were really up to!

When babies learn how to crawl, parents need to be especially mindful of where their children are at all times. Kids are curious, and they can sometimes put themselves in dangerous situations simply because they don’t know any better. Staircases in particular are some of the most hazardous places in a home with young children.

Early one morning, a young toddler woke up full of energy, so her parents took her out of her crib to let her make her way around the house. She had just recently learned to crawl, and she wanted to explore every nook and cranny she could. She eventually found her way to the living room staircase and bravely started her ascent.

One of the family’s dogs was already on the staircase. As soon as the little girl reached the second step, the family’s second dog quickly positioned himself on the other side, blocking the path of his toddler sister.

The little girl looked back at her two canine brothers as if to say, “Hey! Can’t you see I’m trying to get up these stairs here?” But both dogs looked as calm as ever, and they continued to stand on the stairs, preventing her from climbing any farther.

The girl’s mother, who was filming the entire thing, was wondering why her two dogs weren’t budging from the stairs. They had never impeded any of the family members from going upstairs in the past, so why were they doing it now?

The little girl tried with all of her adorable might to make it past the two dogs. She tried climbing over them, but they were too big. So she tried squeezing between them, but they were too close together!

At one point, the girl thought she was going to make it through. She pushed her entire torso onto the step above her, but as soon as the dogs noticed her gaining ground, they once again put an end to her efforts!

The toddler looked up at the top the staircase, hopeful that she would eventually be able to reach that lofty precipice. Little did she know that her canine brothers had no intention of letting her reach her goal, and they were proud to do so.

The exhausted toddler finally turned around and glanced at her mother. She was all smiles, even though her progress was being completely disrupted by the family’s dogs. Although the little girl didn’t understand the reason the pooches were being so stubborn, her mother knew exactly why.

Clearly, the dogs were protecting their little sister from climbing to a dangerous height on the stairs! Watch the adorable video below to see the young girl attempt to thwart the dogs’ protective efforts. How cute was her determination?

(Video may take a moment to load.)

These two gentle giants just wanted to help. Good job, guys! You did it!

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