Girl On A Mission To Climb The Stairs Doesn’t Realize Her Dogs Have Other Plans

Few things are as worrisome for a new parent as losing sight of their baby. If they’re missing for even just a few seconds, babies can find themselves in dangerous predicaments—such as climbing up a steep staircase without supervision.

When this little one had an itch to go exploring, she decided to focus her attention on a steep staircase, but her two dogs started to get really pushy. That’s when the child’s mother, who was filming the whole thing, realized what the clever canines were really up to!

This little girl was lucky to have a special relationship with not one, but two big, friendly dogs. She may have been a new addition to the family, but they were extremely protective of her, and she loved and trusted them in return.

This was great, because not only did the young girl have two fantastic furry friends, but she was quite the curious kid, as many toddlers can be. This curiosity is natural and often quite healthy, but it can also get them into a lot of trouble!

The little tyke had just recently learned to crawl, and she wanted to explore every nook and cranny she could. One day, she found her way to the staircase. She bravely began her ascent, but something was wrong… her dog wouldn’t move!

Like a powerful, furry sentinel, her pet simply wouldn’t budge. For a toddler, this refusal to let her by must’ve seemed exactly like a challenge out of a Tolkien novel. It appeared her pooch was telling her, “You shall not pass!”

He wasn’t the only canine on patrol that day, either. As soon as the baby could try another step, the family’s second dog quickly positioned himself on the other side of her, blocking the path of his toddler sister. He, too, was foiling her plans!

It seemed as if the headstrong little toddler was trying to tell her devoted canine brothers, “Hey, come on big guys! Can’t you see I’m just trying to get up these stairs here? Let me through!” Yet silently, the pups’ body language said it all: “Not today, pal!”

That didn’t stop her from trying anyway. Still, both dogs looked like they were just as calm as ever, and they continued to stand firmly on the stairs. They were effectively preventing her from climbing any further than she already had.

All the while, the baby’s mother—who had been filming from the beginning of the whole hilarious encounter—must have been wondering why her two dogs weren’t budging from the stairs.

It’s unlikely that either of these dogs had deliberately impeded any of the other family members from simply going upstairs before, so why were they suddenly behaving like stubborn crossing guards for the toddler now?

The little girl tried with all of her might to make it past the two dogs. She tried climbing over them, but they were too big. So she tried squeezing between them—but they were standing too close together!

At one point, the daring little girl seemed to think that she was going to make it through the dogs’ barrier. As determined as she was, could sheer willpower propel her up those stairs?

Jane / Flickr

The determined toddler brazenly pushed her entire torso onto the step above her, but as soon as the watchful dogs noticed her gaining more ground, they once again put a swift end to her efforts!

Considering her small size, she must’ve been hopeful that she’d finally reach the top, much like a determined climber scaling Mount Everest! But alas, all of her efforts were thwarted by those two stubborn dogs.

She didn’t give up, but little did she know that neither of her canine brothers had any intention of letting her reach her goal. They were proud to keep her safe, even if it meant dealing with her ceaseless attempts to climb those forbidden stairs.

At that point, the exhausted toddler finally turned around and glanced at her watchful mother. She was all smiles, even though her progress was being completely disrupted by the family’s two dutiful dogs!

Although the little girl couldn’t have understood the reason why her pooches were being so stubborn with her on that staircase, her mother knew exactly why, and she sure must have been proud…

See, the protective pups were simply protecting their little human sister from climbing too high and risk hurting herself! It seemed to be their way of telling her that no matter what happened, they’d always be watching her.

Just watch this baby girl’s attempts to climb those stairs—and how her beloved dogs do a magnificent job of protecting her. How adorable was this? And the best part: her mom caught it all on film!

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She tries so hard to climb the stairs, but the dogs won't budge :<via – JukinMedia

Posted by Diply on Friday, July 1, 2016

These two gentle giants just wanted to help. Good job, guys! You did it!

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