10 Heroic Dogs That Put Their Lives On The Line To Save People

There are highly trained dogs capable of detecting bombs, protecting homes, or servicing the special needs of their owners. These high-stakes skills take months to hone, and not every pooch can master the training! So imagine how miraculous it is when a household pooch saves the day…

To most pups, their owner is their world, and vice versa. Rescued, adopted, home raised, or whatever, dogs are unbelievably devoted to their humans and will do anything in their power to protect them. These 10 pooches proved that when you love a dog, it will be truly your best friend!

1. Jess the Jack Russell: The 9-year-old Jack Russel from Cleckheaton, England, lived with a young woman named Rebecca Brookes. Rebecca suffered from asthma and usually carried an inhaler, until one fateful day, she forgot to bring it with her…

Halifax Courier

On that day, Rebecca had a severe asthma attack. Jess sensed her human needed help and, having seen Rebecca use the inhaler whenever she coughed, she sprinted to her room to fetch it. She returned with the inhaler and saved Rebecca’s life!

2. Todd the Goldie: Paula Goldwin loved taking her dogs for long hikes in Arizona, and found no problems battling the heat or the natural elements. However, one of her hikes could’ve ended terribly when something suddenly popped up on the trail…

Paula Godwin/Facebook

A rattlesnake lunged towards Paula. There was no one around to help — except for her loyal pups. Todd the Golden Retriever jumped in front of her and took the damage, getting bitten on his snout. Of course, Paula immediately rushed to his aide, and he recovered!

3. Layla the Pit Bull: Kelsey Leachman was a young woman from Kentucky, living with only the company of her Pit Bull, Layla. Kelsey had found the dog malnourished and covered in ticks and rescued her, not knowing Layla would later return the favor…

Kelsey Leachman/Instagram

One night the two were watching Television when Layla ran towards the kitchen, barking. Kelsey followed and found a man in the kitchen. He immediately tried to attack her. Layla grabbed the man’s leg, pulled him off her owner and scared him off! Who knows what would’ve happened without this brave and loyal pup?

wave 3 news

4. Chrome the Pit Bull mix: Nobody wanted to adopt Chrome from the shelter because he had too much energy. Laura Smith from Texas begged to differ. She spotted him when the shelter took him to a tractor event and immediately fell in love. That love would certainly be returned…

Alyssa Goard/KXAN

Chrome had not been living with the Smiths for long when she woke Laura up in the middle of the night to alert her the house was on fire. She then ran to save Laura’s children. When Laura told the shelter what happened, they organized a fundraiser for the Smiths, who owed their lives to Chrome.

5. Anonymous the Mutt: This pooch’s name was of course not “Anonymous,” but his owner didn’t want too much attention on himself or his pup. The Canadian loved to take his pooch out into the wild, specifically on his quad bike, but it wasn’t always a smooth ride…

ABC News

The Queensland Quad flipped and landed on top of the dog owner, who became pinned to the ground for an entire night. As the night grew cold, he feared the onset of hypothermia —  but his pup kept him warm until help showed up.

6. Pickle the Poodle: What he lacked in size, he made up with heart. Pickle lived in California with his owner Tiffany Merrill and her two children. One morning, when the kids were still in bed, Tiffany opened the door to let Pickle out when danger approached…

Associated Press

An enormous bear forced its way into the house, ready to pounce on Tiffany. She yelled at her kids to lock their doors and dove behind the couch. Suddenly, Pickle was able to distract the bear and led it outside, where the 5-pounf toy poodle battled the 200 lb bear. Pickle was rushed to the vet, but unfortunately, too late. The Merrills were forever grateful.

7. Noah the Yorkie-Pomeranian: Canadian Jane Lavergne relied on an oxygen tank to breathe due to a lung condition. One night, when she had trouble breathing, she slept on the couch with her dog Noah. It was a good thing she did because Noah paid close attention to her…

Jane had caught pneumonia and lost consciousness during the night. Noah took notice and quickly alerted Jane’s husband Ken. He called 9-1-1 and Jane was rushed to the hospital, where she was told she’d been minutes away from death. Jane and Ken couldn’t thank Noah enough!

Jane Lavergne/Facebook

8. Ruby the Pit Bull: Ronene Ando from Lakeview, New York, was a passionate advocate for pit bulls and adopted a therapy pit named Ruby. Due to Ruby’s thorough training, she was extremely well-behaved, so it was certainly suspicious when she barked for over an hour one night…

It turned out, Ruby’s talented nose smelled danger! When her owners came down to see what was wrong with their pooch, they smelled what she had been worried about: propane gas leaking from their new heater. Thanks to Ruby’s warning, everyone came out of the house alive and healthy.

Ronene Ando/Facebook

9. Dallas the Beagle: Another Canadian dog hero award goes to Dallas, whose owner, Charles Bailey, took him for a drive through Nova Scotia. It was a good thing Charles had brought Dallas along for company, or the trip would’ve ended very differently…

CTV News Atlantic

Charles blacked out behind the wheel and hit a telephone pole, causing the truck to spin out of control, off the road, and straight into the woods. Charles spent 10 hours in the truck, unconscious, but Dallas kept him warm in between bouts of running to the road to get help. 

10. Nanook the Alaskan Husky: Scott Swift lived close to a 24-mile-long trail in Alaska called the Crow Pass. His dog, Nanook, loved hiking the trail and knew it like the back of his paw He even went out by himself sometimes, which was incredibly lucky for several people…

(Amelia Milling / AP)

Amelia Milling fell down a steep incline and lay injured at the bottom of the mountain. Nanook guided her back to safety over a two days. When Scott heard what had happened, he asked around if his dog had helped anyone else recently. It turned out, she had rescued over a dozen hikers! She officially earned the title “Crow Pass Guide Dog.”

Amelia Milling/AP

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