Desperate Mother Duck Quacks For Attention After Her Ducklings Fall Into A Storm Drain

Mothers of all species are extremely protective of their young. Like humans, it’s a mama animal’s responsibility to keep her little ones safe and teach them how to survive on their own.

For any mother, there’s no worse feeling than being unable to help your babies when they get into trouble—and one Phoenix man spotted this firsthand while he was out for a walk.

The man noticed that a duck kept quacking, which ducks are wont to do, but she seemed distressed. Then he realized that she was quacking at him…and desperately needed his help!

A Phoenix, Arizona resident was going for a walk when he heard the distinct sound of a duck quacking. Normally, he probably wouldn’t have found this unusual, but it soon became clear that the duck was trying to get his attention.

As it turned out, the bird was a mother, and her ducklings were trapped under the metal grate! The man knew that he had to act quickly, so he called his local fire department for help.

Luckily, the firemen were available. “The fire station was two minutes down the road and they weren’t on any calls at the moment,” the man wrote. Though he was relieved that they’d be able to help him figure out how to save the ducklings, he knew it wouldn’t be easy…

It took them about 10 minutes to open the grate. These hardworking firefighters were determined to retrieve the ducklings safely, yet there was still a great deal of work left to do, and a big surprise in store for them…

One had to imagine that the mother duck was anxious when she saw all the commotion surrounding her ducklings. After all, she had no idea if the men were there to help or hurt them. 

The man who found the ducklings was there to film the entire scene, and it’s really remarkable to see how much effort was put into saving such tiny, helpless creatures. The whole rescue is definitely worth seeing through until the end!

(Video includes some profane language.)

That poor mother duck must have been so scared that she would never see her little ducklings again. Thank goodness the Phoenix Fire Department was on the case!

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