Family Taking A Sick Puppy Home To Die In Peace Is In For A Huge Surprise

As much as we’d like for our beloved pets to live forever, it’s obviously not possible. And even though we do everything we can to try to keep them healthy so they can enjoy a long life, sometimes, when the situation is dire, the best thing we can do is ensure that they at least pass away peacefully when there is no other possible outcome in sight.

That was the situation one family in Ankara, Turkey, was faced with recently. A number of dogs at the shelter where they volunteered were dying, and it seemed like all they could do was keep them comfortable and happy in their last days.

That is, until one pup seemingly defied the odds…

It’s heartbreaking to realize that, when an animal is injured or sick, they may not recover. Sometimes, the only thing you can do to help is make sure their passing is as comfortable for them as possible.

After volunteering at an animal shelter with her daughters in Ankara, Turkey, a mother from the United States was touched by what she’d seen. So she adopted as many sickly dogs as she could so that they could live their last days peacefully in her home.

The woman and her two daughters would frequently visit overcrowded shelters and bring food to the hungry dogs. They loved playing a part in the dogs’ happiness, but it was heartbreaking to know that most of them would pass away in such an uncomfortable setting. But there was one dog in particular who the family fell in love with the moment they laid eyes on her…

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Her name was Faith, and she was spotted cowering in a corner of one of the kennels. The family was immediately drawn to her loving eyes, and they knew they wanted to take her home with them and let her live out the rest of her days free of the chaos of the kennel.

Unfortunately, Faith was so weak when the family brought her back to their home that, for the first few hours after she arrived, she didn’t even get out of the box they transported her in. She simply sat inside and watched her new owners.

Even though Faith had grown up in the stressful and overcrowded shelter, the family could sense that she had a warm personality and she loved affection. She would close her eyes and enjoy each time they stroked her soft fur.

Faith was one of three puppies in a litter that the family brought home with them. Sadly, the first two passed away shortly after they arrived. Given that Faith was the smallest puppy in her litter, the family assumed she would meet the same fate as her siblings.

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Faith struggled immensely for the first few days away from the shelter. She could barely walk because her legs were so weak, and she was suffering from distemper. Nobody expected her to survive, but they were going to make her as comfortable as they possibly could anyway.

Rumble / PAWsitive

The final stages of distemper affect the spinal cord, and it can cause seizures and loss of coordination. Things weren’t looking good for little Faith, but the family had no idea of just how remarkable her will to live was.

Watch the video below to learn more about this amazing little puppy. Did she ever pull through and overcome her illness? Or would the family have to say goodbye to yet another sick puppy? What happened to this pooch was truly something no one could have predicted…

Faith the puppy proved, once again, that every animal deserves a chance at life. She also can inspire all of us to keep living, despite whatever seemingly insurmountable odds we may face.

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