Here’s What A Person’s Favorite Dog Breed Actually Reveals About Their Personality

No matter how much we say that we like all dogs, most of us still have a favorite breed. Some types of pooches just stand out more than others, whether it’s because of their looks or their personalities. But our preferences in dogs actually says a lot about us, too!

From the way we carry ourselves to our overall personalities, there’s so much to learn about ourselves just from looking at the types of dogs we love. Are you ready to find out what your favorite type of dog means? Like some sort of canine horoscope, here’s everything your favorite breed says about you!

1. Dachshund: You’re unique and you’re not afraid to show it. Your friends love your quirky demeanor; it’s what makes you so fun to be around. You can be pretty outgoing and command a room, but you don’t feel the need to please every person you meet.

2. Great Dane: This giant doggos are often regarded for their kind and gentle nature, and their owners are much the same. You might be somewhat of a pushover, but you prefer to be compassionate to others. Besides, you know you’re strong on the inside!

3. Pug: You’re not one to mope around if you’re in a bad mood. Instead, you’re a ball of energy, and that’s great, because that’s what people love about you. At the end of a night out partying, you like to cuddle in your bed and catch some Zs.

4. Poodle: People who own poodles are likely to be a mix of confident and outgoing. They like to show off and strut their stuff! If you’re one of them, then there’s a pretty good chance you like to be at the center of attention!

5. Golden retriever: These are some of the friendliest dogs on the planet, and those who keep them as pets are likely friendly, too. Not only are you an open-minded people-person, but you’re always looking to meet new pals.

6. Chihuahua: Like these teeny dogs, you know how to command a room. For better or worse, you can be a little pushy to the ones you love, even when you’re not trying to. But you’re also fiercely protective and loyal.

7. Boston terrier: Do you find your friends often come to you because they know you can keep a secret? Well, it only makes sense, because they know you’re a fantastic listener, as are most Boston terrier owners. You might seem tough, but you’re really just a softy.

8. German Shepherd: If you’re a German Shepherd fan, there’s a good chance your friends have come to rely on you as their strong leader. What’s even better: you’re also athletic and smart. That’s a combination anyone would love to have!

9. Bulldog: Like a bulldog, you’re probably a pretty charismatic loaf. In your free time, you like to kick back and relax with your friends and family. Still, you don’t have to worry about any lulls when you’re having a good time, because you’re the life of the party.

10. Labrador retriever: Your kind and gentle nature is likely the reason so many people feel comfortable around you. Your laid-back personality doesn’t hurt either! People know that, no matter what, you’ll always have your chin held high!

11. Doberman Pinscher: As protectors of their land, it only makes sense the people who choose Dobermann Pinschers would be the same. People may also find you a little intimidating, even if you really are a sweet person on the inside.

12. Dalmatian: Your life is always interesting because, as a Dalmatian lover, you’re always chasing your dreams and looking for the next big adventure. At the end of every summer, you’ll likely have some amazing stories to tell your friends and family.

13. Pit bull: You might have a rough exterior, but those closest to you know you’re a kind and gentle person—just like pit bulls! You’re always welcoming of new people into your life, especially since you know what it’s like to be unfairly judged.

14. Border collie: Even after a tough work week, you won’t be found lounging around your home. You love to stay active, so you’ll keep yourself entertained by looking for the most exciting thing to do on any given day!

15. Husky: You’re strong, determined, and a natural-born leader, just like the famous sled dogs. At the end of the day, especially a rough one, you understand the importance of remaining active. After all, it’s a great way to relieve stress.

16. Beagle: You’re not easily bored and you certainly fill your time with a variety of different hobbies. Yet, it’s that innately curious nature that beagles are known for that might get you into trouble. Just be sure to keep yourself busy with good ol’ wholesome fun!

17. Corgi: Your friends might think you can be a little stubborn at times, but that doesn’t mean they don’t like being around you! In fact, when all’s said and done, they look to you as the fun-loving life of the party.

18. Boxer: You’re the go-to joker in your friend group. Not only do you find the humor in everything, but it often causes you to struggle keeping a straight face when you need to most. But that’s okay, because you’re happy, and that’s all that matters.

19. Yorkie: You might be the most loyal of your friends, but you often seek solitude. Sure, you like to go out and party with your friends, but it wouldn’t be too surprising if you decided to stay at home for a month straight!

20. Rottweiler: Because of your intimidating appearance, people often mistake you for a tough person. But if they only got to know you, they’d soon realize you’re actually just a softy with a big heart and lots to give!

So, what does your favorite dog breed say about you? Do you keep any of these pups as pets?

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