Kind Man Uses The Warmth Of His Own Breath To Free A Terrified Finch That Was Stuck To A Fence

The cold weather can be dangerous for a number of reasons. There’s the risk of frostbite, slippery and icy roads, and even seasonal depression.

Naturally, no one is more familiar with the dangers of winter weather than our outdoor animal friends, like this finch who found herself frozen stuck on a metal fence. Thankfully, one kindhearted man came up with a creative way to save her!

This finch found herself in quite the predicament on New Year’s Day. After taking a refreshing sip from a heated tank on a farm in Caldwell, Idaho, her feet became wet. Unfortunately, when she hopped on top of a frozen metal fence, her little piggies stuck right to it!

YouTube / Nelson Wilson

Luckily, a man named Nelson Wilson was there to save her!

YouTube / Nelson Wilson

See the brilliant thing that he did to free the teeny bird…

That finch may have flown away quickly, but she must be grateful for what Nelson did for her! Plus, hopefully she’s learned her lesson!

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