Fox Found In A Muddy Hole Is Almost Unrecognizable Until Rescuers Nurse Him Back To Health

Rescuing an animal in distress is one of the most fulfilling acts of kindness anyone can perform. There’s nothing more rewarding than witnessing its physical recovery as it’s nursed back to health, but some of these transformations are more shocking than others.

When a young fox was found stuck in a muddy hole outside of London’s Canary Wharf, rescuers knew they would lose him if they didn’t act fast. In fact, the fox was in such an appalling state that he barely looked like a living thing at all.

Builders outside of London’s Canary Wharf found a young fox stuck in a muddy hole on their construction site. The fox had likely crawled into the hole and was unable to free himself, and they knew that if they didn’t act quickly, the fox would likely suffocate or suffer from hypothermia.

South Essex Wildlife Hospital

The builders pulled the little fox out of his hole and brought him to South Essex Wildlife Hospital. He was so caked in mud that it was difficult to tell he was even a living thing. One hospital worker noted that the fox would have faced a horrible fate if the construction workers hadn’t brought him in.

South Essex Wildlife Hospital

Hospital staff cleaned up their newest patient, whom they named Muddsey, and gave him enough food and water to help him regain his strength. 

South Essex Wildlife Hospital

Thanks to some observant construction workers, Muddsey can get back to his wild life. After this rescue, he’ll definitely have the shiniest coat in the forest!

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