Two Garbage Men Compacting Trash In Their Truck Hear Cries For Help And Instantly Stop Everything

According to Webster’s Dictionary, a hero can be defined as a person noted for courageous acts or for nobility of character. When someone says the word “hero” it immediately conjures up images of firefighters braving flaming buildings or soldiers on the front lines of battles.

However, not every hero is so easy to recognize. Sometimes there is courage and nobility in simply seeing something wrong and taking whatever action is necessary to make it right, and you don’t need a high-pressure job to do it, either.

When two garbage men in Pennsylvania were driving the streets of Philadelphia picking up the city’s trash, they heard a strange sound coming from one of the bags left on the curb. When they went to examine it, they had no idea that their actions would make them heroes of the highest order.

The two men working their weekly garbage route didn’t expect anything out of the ordinary when they started their rounds that morning. Then, they heard it: a strange, high-pitched wailing that was coming inside from a black garbage bag…

YouTube/CBS Philly

They ripped the bag open carefully, terrified at what they might find inside. What was there broke their heart. The men discovered a cat, drenched in gasoline and on the verge of death. Still, even in all her pain, she had managed to cry out for their help. YouTube/CBS Philly

The two men in the garbage truck decided that work could wait. They raced the dying cat to the nearest veterinary hospital. They were desperate to get her the help she needed, but they also worried that it was too late for this poor, neglected little animal.YouTube/CBS Philly

What no one knew about this abandoned cat soaked through with gasoline was that she was a true fighter. When she arrived at the veterinary hospital she was in dire straits. Her temperature was so low that it indicated death and her heart rate was through the roof.
YouTube/CBS Philly

The first night in the hospital was touch-and-go for this poor cat, but she was destined to beat the odds. By the following morning, she was already stable, and later in the day she was finally able to reveal her true personality, purring contentedly and enjoying lots of chin scratches. YouTube/CBS Philly

Because those two garbage men got her help fast, she survived this terrible ordeal. The sweet little cat was given a new lease on life! Once she reaches full recovery, she will be able to be adopted by a family who can treat her with the love and respect that she so deserves. 
YouTube/CBS Philly

These men had no idea when they started their morning rounds that they would be saving a life! How exceptional. To learn more about these two heroes and to find out the special name the hospital gave this miraculous cat, watch the entire video below! 

What a heartwarming story! The story could have been so different were it not for those two quick-thinking garbage men!

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