Weird Eggs That He Found Inside A Log Suddenly Hatch In The Palm Of His Hand!

To say that the state of Hawaii is absolutely gorgeous is an understatement. Not only is the weather perfectly pleasant, but the geographical features are second to none. And because the land and sea are full of incredible creatures that can’t be found anywhere else in the world, each day can be full of little surprises.

A surprise was certainly in store for one Hawaiian man who was working in his garden. He came across a strange object, but when he picked it up, something miraculous occurred!

Imgur user maddabber was working in his garden in Oahu, Hawaii when he found something strange inside a hollow bamboo log.

Imgur / maddabber

There were roughly a dozen tiny gecko eggs attached to the log, each one no larger than a pea. Lizards commonly do this to protect their babies.

Imgur / maddabber

It looked like most of the eggs had already hatched.

Some eggs were still unhatched, so the gardener picked them up.

Imgur / maddabber

Unlike bird eggs, lizard eggs are usually safe to pick up, since hatchlings are never revisited by their parents and the scent of humans won’t prevent them from caring for their young.

Amazingly, one of the geckos started to hatch right in Maddabber’s hand! Happy birthday, little guy!

Imgur / maddabber

The gecko was returned to the bamboo log, giving him a better chance of finding his siblings once they hatched. Geckos don’t imprint, so he had a good chance of making it on his own!

Imgur / maddabber

It’s unclear which of Hawaii’s seven gecko species this little guy belongs to, but it looked like he was in good hands (literally).

Wikimedia Commons

It’s amazing what you can find in your own backyard. Maddabber seemed to know exactly what to do in an unusual situation!

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