Couple Who Adopts A Tiny Shelter Puppy Realizes They’ve Brought Home Something Else Entirely

Yogi is so large, that the Markhams have to place a horse blanket on his back to keep him warm when it’s cold! You have to imagine just how large that would be. Most dogs would be completely hidden underneath, but no, not Yogi!

Yogi does his best not to let his size deter him from making small friends. Recently, he befriended a neighborhood cat the Markhams call Toffee. Toffee isn’t theirs, and seems to only come by to cuddle and relax with Yogi. How cute!

The cost of keeping such a gentle giant isn’t really low either: The Markhams spend approximately $235 on Yogi’s food each month! Just look at that breakfast spread — scrambled eggs and sausage. That’s one hefty meal.

Just try to imagine what it would be like to bring home a tiny puppy thinking it would stay small… But really getting something the size of a small horse! See how big he is when he’s standing next to the Markhams? Just wow…

What a sweet and loving guy. I’m glad the Markhams worked it out — Yogi sure looks like a dog worthy of a lot of love!

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