The Reason A Man Locked Himself In A Cage With An Abused Pit Bull Is Making Everyone Tear Up

Dr. Andy Mathis has seen many rescue dogs come through his doors at the Granite Hills Animal Care facility in Elberton, Georgia—but nothing quite like this.

It began a few weeks earlier when Dr. Mathis received a call late at night about a stray pit bull that was on the road and in seriously bad shape. He told the people who found the dog that he would likely have to euthanize her, but they should bring her in anyway for a checkup.

But once the injured pup arrived, Dr. Mathis saw a glimmer of hope… and decided he wasn’t ready to give up just yet.

The gray pit bull, later given the name Graycie Claire, was suffering from everything from starvation to anemia and a prolapsed vagina. Dr. Mathis still couldn’t bring himself to give up on her.

So he posed a question to his Facebook friends: should he euthanize her, or keep fighting? The response was, of course, unanimous—that he should fight on to save the sweet dog!

After putting together a page for donations—Graycie Claire’s care was not going to be cheap—Dr. Mathis was ready to give it his all. A trip to see University of Georgia vets started her on the right track, but there was still a long way to go…

As Graycie Claire’s temperature steadily lowered, she was finally able to eat all on her own. Dr. Mathis also spayed her to fix the prolapse, and he hoped she would feel much better after that.

Still, she remained skittish and very, very frail, which was understandable given her difficult past. She was slowly gaining weight, but she was so afraid that she wouldn’t be able to eat unless she was totally alone.

Dr. Mathis had a brilliantly simple solution to help Graycie Claire with this fear of eating. For this idea, he walked into her kennel with two bowls of food: one for her and one for him.

He assumed that she would feel more comfortable if he was able to offer her a reassuring presence. As soon as he sat down with her, an amazing thing happened—she started to eat her food!

Graycie Claire immediately relaxed and began to eat her dinner. Even with Dr. Mathis in the kennel, she was able to enjoy her food. Somehow, this was just the encouragement she needed!

Sometimes, a little patience and a lot of love can go a long way. With Dr. Mathis at her side, Graycie Claire was finally able to calm down and eat her food. A few extra pats on the head didn’t hurt either!

The video of Dr. Mathis’ kind and ingenious actions has been shared on Facebook over 100,000 times. When you see how he treats sweet Graycie Claire, you’ll understand why it’s such a big hit…

(Video may take a moment to load.)

Dr. Mathis and Granite Hills are looking for donations, including everything from towels to toys, to keep Graycie Claire on the path to recovery. If you think you can help, visit here for more information. Be sure to follow along on Dr. Mathis’s Facebook for more updates on Graycie Claire’s story.

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