Giant ‘Hay Monster’ Turns Out To Be A Farm Animal Having The Time Of Her Life

Ask anyone if they enjoy being bored, and the answer will be a resounding “NO.” When you’ve got nothing to occupy your mind, time seems to slow to a halt and anxiety creeps in; you need something to keep yourself busy, but nothing sounds appealing enough.

Well, it appears that, at times, boredom also plagues animals, but they have the fascinating ability to amuse themselves for long periods of time with things that we take for granted. If you’ve ever owned a pet, you know that all it takes is something as simple as an empty cardboard box to thoroughly entertain them for hours on end.

A farmer decided to video his livestock keeping goofing around with a bundle of hay. Once you see who eventually emerges from behind it, you’ll be in hysterics!

One afternoon, a farmer started to film what appeared, at first, to be a regular bale of hay in his field. Soon, it was clear, something was going on with that bundle…

hay 1

Once the camera started to roll, the bale started inexplicably moving side-to-side. What exactly was going on here?

hay 2

As the farmer got closer, the culprit suddenly began to emerge from behind…the mystery would soon be revealed!

hay 3

Wait until you see who pops his head around the side of that bale!

(Video may take a moment to load.)

When was the last time you had as much fun as this big guy? There’s always a game to be found if you’re looking hard enough!

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