Heroic Dog Finds 2-Year-Old Boy In Minus-5-Degree Weather And Refuses To Leave His Side

The cruel Siberian winter is one of the most ruthless on Earth. If you aren’t prepared for it, the consequences can be fatal.

So when a 2-year-old boy was abandoned on a porch for two whole days, forced to endure temperatures as low as -5°F at night with no food or water, there wasn’t much hope that he’d survive for very long. And he wouldn’t have, if not for the bravery of an unlikely friend.

Who rescued the little boy in his time of need? A heroic dog that refused to leave his side.

After a 2-year-old boy was abandoned on a porch in the middle of Siberia without food or water, his chances of survival were nearly nonexistent.

YSIA / The Siberian Times

Luckily, neighbors discovered him on the second day. He wasn’t in great shape, but he was alive, thanks to the heroic actions of a local dog.

YSIA / The Siberian Times

The dog had curled up to the boy, effectively keeping his small body warm until help arrived. Though the boy suffered from acute hypothermia, he recovered quickly. Things likely would have ended quite differently if not for this brave dog!

YSIA / The Siberian Times

The mother of the boy returned a couple of days after he was rescued, and she’s facing prison time for deliberately abandoning her child. The dog, meanwhile, is being treated like the hero he is!

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