Hero Dog Who Notices Something Is Very Wrong Wakes His Owners Just In Time

Rescuing a pet can feel like reaching your hand into the bottom of a bucket of candy: you might be getting something sweet, but you don’t know what you can’t see. It’s hard to know if a prospective pooch will be a sweetheart—or a total nutcase.

However, time after time, stories emerge of families who took the plunge, rescued a pet, and were rewarded with a lovable longtime friend. Rescued pets are just as capable of loyalty and love as any other pet, and sometimes, they’re even heroic.

A rescue dog named Duke, who lived in Connecticut, was one such rescue pooch. He not only fit right in to the family, but he made a life-changing contribution, too!

Adopting a pet can seem scary. After all, without having raised the animal since they were young, it’s hard to tell for certain how well they’ll mesh with your family. Will they get along with your other pets? Will they behave around children? Will their past affect him in the future?

While these concerns are legitimate, it should be noted that amazing stories featuring adopted pets make the news for all the right reasons. Estimates say that about 6.5 million dogs and cats enter shelters every single year, and each one of them has the potential to change a life for the better. For instance, take the story of Duke…

Rescued in 2006 by the Brousseau family, Duke was an “insanely obedient” dog, according to his owner, Jenna, in an interview with Good Morning America. “He’s such a good boy,” she added, heaping praise upon the pup. That was only the beginning of why he was such a good boy, however…

Good Morning America / Youtube

Jenna and her family didn’t have to worry about Duke not getting along with the family or being difficult to manage. Right from the get-go, he was the perfect family dog, and he even took a liking to the family’s nine-week-old baby girl, Harper.

Good Morning America / Youtube

One evening, however, Duke started acting strangely. He jumped up onto Jenna’s bed and started shaking violently and uncontrollably. Given that this was a far cry from his typical behavior, Jenna and her husband knew something was wrong.

Good Morning America / Youtube

Duke’s strange behavior prompted Jenna and her husband to get out of bed and check on little Harper. What they found terrified them: the baby had stopped breathing and was lying motionless in her crib…

Good Morning America / Youtube

Jenna’s husband rushed to call 911, and not long after, first responders arrived and set to work. Thanks to their hard work and diligence, tiny Harper was saved—and it was all “because of our Duke-y dog,” Jenna said with a smile.

Good Morning America / Youtube

What would have happened if Duke had never jumped on the bed? What if he had never been adopted in the first place? “We would have just gone to sleep,” Jenna said, and that could have cost baby Harper her life.

Good Morning America / Youtube

“He’s the perfect dog,” Jenna said. “He was meant to be ours. I tell him all the time, ‘you were born in Mommy’s heart.'” She hopes that Duke’s story will encourage more people to adopt a pet of their own.

Good Morning America / Youtube

The love and affection that Jenna’s family have for Duke is something that can’t be captured by words alone—you just have to see it in their faces and hear it for yourself! See the video below for a look at the original news broadcast of this story…

The family was lucky to have Duke around! This adopted pooch saved the family from a terrible tragedy.

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