Rescuers Discover Defensive Homeless Dog Is Hiding A Big Secret

Rescuers found Petunia’s puppy in a leaf pile.

They named the three-day-old beauty Petals and brought her to her mom.

Eldad brought Petunia around in search for more possible puppies, and tried to trigger her maternal instincts with a video of crying puppies. However, Petunia kept leading Eldad back to Petals, proving that was her only baby. 

When they brought Petunia and Petals back, they found a slight infection in the momma dog’s ear.

Now, Petunia is on the mend! She is gaining weight, and her baby, Petals, is slowly but surely growing up into a feisty little pup.

What a dedicated mom! Petals is lucky to have her.

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