Mom Who Thinks She Hears Someone Fall Into The Pool Looks Outside And Realizes It’s Far Worse

Having a backyard pool is a great way to be able to cool down during the summer months without having to deal with all those crowds at the beach. It’s simply one of those luxuries that people crave.

Still, owning one can be a big responsibility. Pool owners will tell you that it’s common to find all sorts of stuff in them. From frogs in the filters to leaves and bugs, pools can certainly require regular upkeep.

But when one family ran outside to investigate some noise in their backyard pool, they saw that something even more alarming was in it…

When you have a pool in your backyard, you know it will require some maintenance. That just comes with the territory, and usually, it’s no big deal. Having to scoop some leaves out of your pool and adjust the chemicals that keep it clean is a fair enough trade for such refreshing luxury, right?

Sure, sometimes the stuff that falls inside your pool is more than the odd leaf. From time to time, you might spy frogs enjoying a lap or two. But what one family found inside of their pool really took the cake!

When one family in Mesa, Arizona, heard splashing coming from their pool, they raced out—and made a shocking discovery. While in the backyard, their stallion, Stormy, frolicked a little too close to the edge and fell in. He was panicking and they had to get help right away…

In the right circumstances, a horse can be taught how to swim, but it is something they must learn to do and continue to practice so they don’t lose that special skill. Falling into the pool isn’t exactly the ideal scenario for this.

Stormy never learned how to swim and, since horses are naturally nervous, he panicked and all rational thought left his mind the moment he slipped into the water. He risked drowning unless someone was able to lift him out in time!

Thankfully, the family was able to contact the local sheriff’s office who put them in touch with a rescue group that was willing to help. It was a tricky operation, because while the horse needed help, he was still a massive creature—and a heavy one at that.

To keep him from further panicking and to protect him from potentially going into total shock, the rescue team asked a vet who came with them to sedate Stormy. It was the right call to make and it made the entire operation far safer for them all.

Although the scene itself was certainly tense—especially for any animal lover—Stormy miraculously came out of the incident relatively unscathed. Besides being soaked, he just had a few bumps and bruises!

Stormy and his owners learned a valuable lesson that day even though they would rather have not endured such a frightening event. They now keep Stormy far, far away from the open water whenever possible!

Thanks to these heroic rescuers, Stormy the stallion will recover from his aquatic fright. But the incident demonstrates the dangers posed by swimming pools. The American Red Cross recommends that all pools be surrounded by a four-foot-high fence to protect against accidents like these… for animals as well as humans.

What a terrifying story! That poor horse must have been at his wits end. Thank goodness his family found him before it was too late and this story had a tragic ending.

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