Famished Kitten Has The Most Incredible Reaction To A Hot Plate Of Food

Famine is a problem all over the world. Every day, millions of people go to bed hungry. When you look at the disturbingly enormous amount of food that gets wasted each day, it’s hard to understand why.

Humans aren’t the only ones going to bed hungry, either. In many poor countries, there are lots of stray animals who scrounge for food daily, many times without success. It’s a struggle that only a lucky few are able to survive.

A woman in India named Ayesha Mohan came across one particularly famished kitten outside her home. Instead of treating it like any other stray, she decided to bring him inside and treat him to a feast, and his reaction is joyous.

When Ayesha Mohan of India came across a kitten who hadn’t eaten in days outside of her home, she decided to welcome him in.

The kitten was adorable, but was clearly in need of food. He was very vocal the entire time he was in the house.

Ayesha treated the hungry boy to a plate of hot food, and he was incredibly thankful…

Just watch the way he proves his gratitude!

Ayesha let him stay with her for a few months before giving him to a loving family who’ll make sure he eats plenty of delicious food!

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