Brilliant Siberian Husky Stages A Prison Break And Leaves No Canine Behind

Anyone who has ever taken their animal to the veterinarian will tell you, it’s no fun for their furry friend. Even if your pet is healthy, a trip to the doctor isn’t usually cause for excitement.

The anxiety of a vet trip is only furthered if your pet has to stay overnight. Animals have no way of knowing that you’ll ever return to pick them up, so they can resort to some pretty drastic measures in an attempt to get back to you.

When this Siberian husky was spending the night at a vet in China, he wasn’t having it. Video captured the moment he decided he couldn’t stand being stuck in his crate anymore, and the moves he pulled to escape were nothing short of genius.

A Siberian husky was staying overnight at the vet in China recently when he decided he’d had enough…

He attempted to break out of his cage using only one tool — his teeth!

A prison break for himself wasn’t all he had planned. Watch as the entire plan comes together on camera!

What a clever dog! Nothing could have stopped him from getting out!

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