Girl Brings Her Dog To Class For Show-And-Tell, And His Special Trick Wins Everyone’s Hearts

At some point, most of us have wished we could talk to our pet. It would be great to know what they’re thinking, and how they feel. Training your pet to speak is a feat that some people have accomplished (really!), but it takes a lot of patience and hard work if you want to succeed.

Some animals, like parrots, are actually able to mimic words they hear, but it’s not as easy for other species. However, if an owner wants to take the time, they might be able to teach any pet to communicate with them in some way.

One Vancouver student brought her pet husky in for the school’s show-and-tell day to show off his special talent, but he gave her classmates a surprise they weren’t at all ready for!

It can be very difficult to train your pets. They don’t have the patience or the attention span, much of the time. It takes lots of hard work and practice to succeed.

Sometimes, you just cannot do it alone. Whether your pet is finicky or unmotivated, having a trained professional guide you through the steps can be a huge help.

Some tricks are relatively easy to learn, such as sitting, or knowing when it’s okay to eat a treat and when it isn’t. Over time, your animals will begin to respond.

One of the most difficult tricks to teach any animal is how to speak. Some species, like parakeets, have the ability to imitate words they hear. Very few others can pull this talent off.

One Vancouver resident decided to bring her husky into the classroom for show and tell. Her classmates weren’t sure why, but they were anxious to see what his talent was.

He was very well behaved the whole time. He gave everyone handshakes as well! This one of the most basic tricks that dogs learn. But, there was more where that came from.

His owner rewarded him with treats for being so good. Giving your animal a snack motivates them to act accordingly, and this husky was sure loving his rewards!

The entire class was having so much fun. He was the star of the show! He was able to put a smile on the faces of everyone that was there, just like most dogs do!

His owner then repeated the phrase “I love you” to him a few times over. He sat for a second while  processing the words. Suddenly, he opened his mouth…

Watch the video to see how the dog responded!

(Video may take a moment to load.)

Everyone wants to have a dog that can reciprocate their love. This one sure can!

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