Diver Notices A Dolphin Begging Him For Help And Knows Just What To Do

Dolphins are some of the smartest creatures on the planet. Yet, tragically, due to nefarious whaling and fishing practices and pollution, our favorite aquatic friends are rapidly becoming threatened.

So, when Keller Laros saw something caught on the fin of a bottlenose dolphin during a night dive off the coast of Hawaii, he knew he had to do whatever he could to help.

When he went to offer a helping hand, there was just one problem…

Dolphins are undeniably some of the most beautiful and intelligent species found in the ocean. With their majestic qualities, it’s hard to imagine why anyone would want to contribute to their likelihood of becoming extinct. Yet, that’s exactly what happens…

Hawaiian scuba diver Keller Laros was recently on a manta ray night dive in the Garden Eel Cove of Kailua-Kona, Hawaii, taking in the beautiful scenery, when he got an unexpected surprise. Beyond the rays, there was something in the distance.

Suddenly, a bottlenose dolphin appeared before his eyes. Even though they can be found swimming in the ocean, he hadn’t anticipated running into one on that particular dive. Just as he paused to take in the sight, he had a startling realization…

Keller noticed that something seemed off about the bottlenose dolphin. The way it was swimming made it appear as if something was wrong. So, he and his partner kept their eyes—and the camera—on the struggling dolphin.

Dolphins are incredibly intelligent and friendly animals, so it wasn’t long before the bottlenose became curious about the divers and decided to swim up to examine them. Keller shone his flashlight on the porpoise to see if he could tell what was bothering her. 

The graceful bottlenose dolphin continued to swim around Keller, who in turn, was attempting to get a closer look at the animal and her fins. In that moment, he realized he’d been right from the start—there was something there.

Sadly, it appeared there was a fishing line stuck around the bottlenose dolphin’s fin! Keller instantly suspected she had gotten there from a fishermen attempting to catch her. That’s when he knew he had to do something to help—and fast.

So Keller got right up to the dolphin and offered some comfort. Just then, he held the animal in place and nervously began attempting to untie the fishing line that was tied around her fin and flipper. It was clear that it wasn’t going to be an easy task.

All the while, the bottlenose dolphin didn’t try to get away in the slightest. She’d become entangled in a fishing line because of people who wanted to harm her. But it was if she was well aware that Keller just wanted to help.

It’s so sad that this poor bottlenose dolphin had to find herself in such a precarious situation, but Keller wasn’t about to just stand by and do nothing. Watch as he struggles to remove the fishing line from the poor animal’s fin and flipper before it’s too late…

The fact that this dolphin worked with Keller to be freed is truly amazing. She knew what was going on and that Keller wasn’t there to hurt her.

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