Community Rallies Together To Help Ocean Creatures Stranded In The Shallows

When residents of Probolinggo in East Java, Indonesia saw 30 peculiar animals floating in the shallow waters of a nearby river, they realized they were far from their normal habitat.

With no time to spare, as many things could potentially go wrong, dedicated volunteers of the Jakarta Animal Aid Network rushed to the rescue.

Yet JAAN quickly realized that they couldn’t solve this problem alone. What followed was an effort so enormous, it’s unbelievable to think how things turned out…

People are still unsure exactly why 30 short-finned whales were found in a shallow river off the coast of East Java recently. Jakarta Animal Aid Network (JAAN) suspected that it could have something to do with how whales come together to help one of their own in danger.

Nothing like this had ever occurred in that area, so people initially had a hard time figuring out how to respond. While the situation was a shock to local villagers, some kind-hearted humans decided that they would lend the helpless animals a helping hand.

Photographs from the scene show that men and women of all ages did their part to help the animals. Even those who didn’t have the physical strength to pull in the whales would still pet and hug them gently to help comfort the poor animals during their time of need.

Unfortunately, despite their great efforts, the amount of animals that showed up proved to be too much for the people who call the village home. Though 10 whales sadly did not make it, JAAN and other volunteers still managed to save 20 of the stranded whales.

JAAN is an organization that is dedicated to serving all animals, both domestic and wild, throughout Indonesia. They regularly teach lessons to non-rescuers who are interested in volunteering with them. Here they are training humans to save dolphins properly.

Such training has proven quite useful to people who want to volunteer with the group, who are learning how to respond in such dire situations. When a dolphin got stranded in a river recently, JAAN was able to successfully guide her back to her rightful place in the ocean.

They are also responsible for helping to rescue sea turtles and other critically endangered animals. In Indonesia, locals had been killing the turtles, stealing their eggs, and illegally selling their shells. JAAN came together to help stop this horrific depletion of the population.


JAAN is also distinguished for rescuing what is literally the biggest animal in the world: a blue whale. On one occasion, four blue whales—including one baby—were saved by JAAN after they were trapped in a bay. They even stopped to help the mother mourn when they realized that she lost her calf, before carefully and gently helping her get back into the ocean.

JAAN doesn’t favor any specific animal or species over another. Luckily, they treat all animals with the same respect—big or small. For instance, this scared pufferfish wasn’t too small to be saved. When it became tangled in a fishing line, they were quick to lend a helping hand.

JAAN is doing so much to help animals throughout Indonesia. It’s clear that the animals in the county have a great ally! Visit JAAN to learn more about how you can help.

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