Abused Puppy Found With Broken Legs And His Mouth Tied Shut Finally Gets The Help He Needs

Animal abuse is a huge problem among irresponsible pet owners. When you assume the care of an animal, you’re expected to make sure they’re given the proper attention and love they need. Unfortunately, that doesn’t always happen.

When the team over at Ranch Dog Rescue discovered Kane, a five-month-old husky puppy, he was in horrible shape. His owners, a couple who were both Marines, had kept his muzzle closed with rubber bands for so long that he had scarring down to the bone. Not only that, but his back legs were also broken and his teeth had rotted away.

Right away, he was placed into intensive care, and everyone crossed their fingers that he would be able to pull through. Would Kane make it?

When the rescue team at the California-based animal shelter Ranch Dog Rescue learned of a five-month-old husky who was found severely abused, they knew they didn’t have much time if they were going to save the little guy’s life.

The puppy, named Kane, was picked up at Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton after it was revealed that his previous owners, a Marine couple, severely abused him. He was muzzled with tight rubber bands, his teeth were rotten, and his legs were broken. Thankfully, rescuers found him just in time—but his recovery wouldn’t be easy.

Ranch Dog Rescue

Kane was rushed to Rescue Dog Ranch for an evaluation. Doctors took one look at the traumatized dog and their hearts broke. He was severely malnourished and weighed only 11 pounds, which was much less than what he should have. Would vets be able to help Kane make a full recovery?

Vets knew that Kane had a long road ahead of him in order to fully heal from the lengthy abuse his owners put him through. But even though he had suffered immensely, he still wagged his tail when he saw the rescue team and wanted to give them puppy kisses! He was a trooper throughout the entire ordeal.

Despite his horrific injuries, Kane shocked them all every day. He required complicated orthopedic surgery to repair his legs, and the deep wounds on his muzzle required multiple stitches, but ultimately his operations were successful.

“I could not have asked, or hoped, for a better prognosis. All three veterinarians who treated Kane agree that the extent of his injuries are a clear sign of neglect and the result of severe abuse,” said Maureen Keo, founder of Ranch Dog Rescue.

Ranch Dog Rescue

“Now, Kane finally has a voice but best of all, he has found a home.” And, by the looks of it, a new furry sibling! Kane not only loved the attention of his human companions, but he enjoyed making friends with new dogs, as well!

Ranch Dog Rescue

The family who eventually adopted Kane already had experience dealing with pups with special needs, and they knew exactly how to handle all of Kane’s ailments. The rescue team could not have asked for a better home to take in Kane.

Ranch Dog Rescue

Now, Kane is nothing but smiles and cuddles! It will probably take him a little while to completely overcome the horrible experience he went through, but at least he’s surrounded by people who will help make sure his is a speedy recovery.

He’s just a little excited about his new home! Can you blame him? Watch the adorable video below to see how Kane has adjusted to his owners and his new four-legged friend, and try not to let your heart melt while you watch!

(Video may take a moment to load.)

What an improvement!!! Kane woke up singing the song of his people, ready for breakfast! I was able to catch a bit of it here – the long hallway he keeps running down is to the garage, where we keep the dog food. He's a smarty pants :)#RaisingKane

Posted by Ranch Dog Rescue on Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Kane’s former owners were fired from their positions in the USMC, but they received no jail time. At least Kane’s finally safe and sound and living with people who will love him every single day!

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