They Call Him The ‘Kangaroo Cat,’ And He’s Bouncing His Way Into Everyone’s Hearts

When neighbors in Chiang Mai, Thailand first heard the noise, they thought it was a bomb going off. Soon, however, they learned that it had come from a series of loose wires that can come into contact in the street below. An initial survey suggested that no one had been hurt… but after Walai Sriboonvorakul walked out into the street, she saw this.

Lying near death in the road was a 1-year-old cat who had been electrocuted. The poor little guy ultimately lost both his front legs and his tail, but he was a fighter. With the help of Walai and her son, he was able to recover—and he’s now hopping right into the hearts of people all over the world!

Thailand’s Walai Sriboonvorakul fell in love with her cat, Able, after he was electrocuted by fallen wires. The injury cost him his two front legs.


Despite his disability, Able has no issue making his way around the house just like any regular cat.


“Able is one of the family,” Walai’s son said. “I’m like his big brother. He runs up the stairs to my bedroom to wake me up.”


Just look at him go!

It’s really impressive to see Able get around his home like that. He really does look like a little kangaroo or T-Rex!

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