Stray Kittens Are Rescued From Underneath Walmart Refrigerators

You can find just about anything at Walmart, even if you’re not looking for it. From fresh produce and snacks to clothing and electronics, they’ve got it all! This past April, however, the employees at a Walmart in Arizona discovered something that definitely didn’t belong on their shelves: a stray cat.

Only, the real surprise came a little while after the cat was taken to the Arizona Humane Society and found a home. Just as the employees at Walmart thought things had returned to normal, they found the cat had left something behind under a refrigerated sandwich display.

Walmart is notoriously known for carrying pretty much anything you can think of. Wherever this enormous national retailer opens up, you can expect quite a bit of business to follow. But, many people are familiar with Walmart for more hilarious reasons…

Walmart has made a name for itself by having a very diverse, and frankly, sometimes absurd, customer base. However, on one particular afternoon, it wasn’t an unusual customer that had everyone up in arms.

In Phoenix, Arizona, the local Walmart was always a bustling place, especially on the weekends. One afternoon, shoppers became concerned after they heard faint meowing but couldn’t determine exactly where it was coming from. 

The customers who heard it alerted the store employees, and after carefully investigating the noise, the manager of the store was able to trace the faint sounds to a sandwich display.

Now that they pinpointed the location of what they assumed was a trapped cat, they called the Arizona Humane Society for help. They didn’t want to take any chances of being bitten or scratched by a distressed animal.

The Humane Society’s Emergency Animal Medical Technicians (EAMTs) showed up at Walmart with a special device – a “snake cam.” This would help them get a better view of what was underneath the refrigerated unit.

The two rescue workers fed the long camera under the fridge toward the sounds. They were carefully watching their screen to see any movement. At first, nothing seemed to happen, but suddenly…

There, among the wires and debris under the refrigerator unit, were two teeny, chilly kittens! The workers were shocked! How did two cats who could barely care for themselves end up under a Walmart refrigerator?

The rescue workers informed the store manager what was happening, and the manager actually noted that employees found another cat in the store just days before. 

Once the mother cat was found, employees handed her off to a local animal shelter. Unfortunately, they had no idea that she’d left two kittens behind! Her babies were incredibly lucky they were found.

Through the camera, the rescuers realized just how young the kittens were. That is, they were far too young to be separated from their mother! They needed to get the frightened kittens out immediately. The hard work began…

EAMTs Juju and Ruthie Jesus made sure they had a clear area to work, and they began to carefully disassemble the base of the sandwich display. The last thing they wanted to do was scare the kittens even more.

In an interview with Today News after the whole ordeal, Juju agreed with Ruthie when she said the cramped undercarriage of the fridge “was the tightest position I have ever seen an animal in.”

“After several hours of disassembling the display unit, EAMTs Juju and Ruthie Jesus were able to reach the kittens and rescue them from their frigid fate,” the Humane Society said in a press release.

Thanks to the Humane Society’s efforts, these kittens were able to see the light of day—and everyone was relieved that they were alive and well, despite being stuck in such a cold place for so long.

 The kittens were immediately taken to the local vet, and miraculously, they were in great shape. However, they were still too young to be adopted, so they were set up in a foster home with a family who was fostering other cats, as well.

Twelve weeks later, the kittens, a gray female named Grace and her cream-colored brother, Houdini, grew into adorable little cats. Just look at those eager eyes ready for forever homes!

It wasn’t long before they found their new families. The two now enjoy safe and happy lives in the comfort of their own homes in a wonderful neighborhood just outside of Phoenix.

Fortunately, the Humane Society paid for all of the medical expenses so their new families didn’t have to worry about a thing. The shelter was simply thrilled the cats were safe and with nurturing people!

It’s quite a miracle the kittens had voices that were heard over the busy environment of Walmart. Grace and Houdini’s mother can rest assured her babies are now well taken care of!

Geez, you really can find everything at Walmart! If you’d like to learn more about the Arizona Humane Society and how you can help cats like Grace and Houdini, visit their website.

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