Hungry Leopard Chases Down A Baby Antelope… Then Does The Most Unlikely Thing

It’s a simple fact of life in the animal kingdom that predators hunt prey. There’s no getting around the roles that each one plays in the food chain.

But as we’ve seen time and time again, every once in a while Mother Nature likes to throw a surprise at us. For proof, look no further than the scene that unfolded when this leopard spotted a helpless baby impala…

The strange encounter took place in South Africa’s Kruger National Park in front of a group of tourists. They must have expected the worst when this leopard started running towards a baby impala, a species of antelope.

Youtube / Kruger Sightings

It certainly looked as if the baby impala was about to become the leopard’s lunch, but then something happened that nobody could explain…

Youtube / Kruger Sightings

For no apparent reason, the leopard stopped after catching up with the impala.

Youtube / Kruger Sightings

Not only did the leopard do nothing to hurt the baby, but he actually started to get pretty friendly with her! Even more amazingly, rather than running away, the impala reciprocated the acts of affection!

Youtube / Kruger Sightings

The impala didn’t seem to have any family nearby, so some people have speculated that the leopard was trying to adopt the baby antelope. After all, he did lick her rather than biting her!

Youtube / Kruger Sightings

Other people have been more skeptical, claiming that the big cat was simply “playing with his food.” For all we know that could be the case, but we like to think that this was just the beginning of a strange and beautiful friendship!

Youtube / Kruger Sightings

Watch the unusual scene unfold below!

Whether or not things ended well for the impala, there’s no denying that these tourists witnessed something special. It’s not every day that you get to see animals going against their instincts!

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