Sea Lion Makes Remarkable Show Of Concern The Moment He Sees A Little Girl Fall Down

The zoo is an amazing place to spend the day. It’s where you’re able to get an up-close look at some of nature’s rarest creatures in a safe and secure place. Unfortunately, your interactions are typically limited; they’re still “wild” animals, after all!

Despite this, one little girl was especially excited during one of her first visits to the zoo. There were so many interesting animals to look at! But one in particular caught her eye—and even though it was contained behind the glass, it found a unique way to reach her…

Animals are pretty unpredictable; they typically rely on their instincts to get by, after all. For this reason, most people would do well to stay out of their way. Thankfully, zoos offer safe spaces where you can learn about—and interact with—animals up close.

This is exactly what makes a trip to the zoo with your family and friends so much fun. Where else in the world can you take a peek at so many different types of animals in a safe and secure place?


For most kids, a day trip to the zoo with their family or classmates typically includes getting to meet some of the Earth’s most strange, dangerous, and rare animals up close and personal.

It’s a memorable experience for sure. Just think about all of the trips to the zoo you made as a youngster! Some kids, however, experience visits to the zoo that are particularly memorable—especially when it came to one little girl and a sea lion.


Most animals try to ignore any kids’ feeble attempt to grab their attention—it’s just not in their nature to entertain guests. But others, like this sea lion, might be a little more curious about their visitors…

This little girl was clearly mesmerized by the sea lion. She couldn’t stop watching as the animal swam gracefully around his tank. For some reason—perhaps because she was so animated?—he seemed to notice her right off the bat.

The curious sea lion swam right up to the glass of his tank so he could get an extra close look at his guest. Talk about an adorable first meeting! While his fellow sea lions swam in the background, this friendly guy seemed like he had something to say.

Meanwhile, the young girl was delighted by the way that her new sea lion friend effortlessly zipped around in the water. He was so fast! She ran alongside him, and he certainly took note…

This sea lion then decided to show off some of his finesse and speed. Just look at him go! This little girl had to run pretty quickly to try and match his pace. He wasn’t done, though…

The sea lion couldn’t help but show off his skills for all of the zoo guests who were willing to watch. He continued to playfully carve through the water as the girl watched after him on the other side of the glass. What was he doing?

As her new sea lion friend began splashing and flipping each way around his tank, the little girl was clearly enamored—and she couldn’t help but attempt to follow him. She got so excited she began to dart around the aquarium!

Needless to say, it wasn’t exactly easy for her to keep up! Legs might be great for running on land, but in the water, the sea lion’s flippers had her outmatched. Sea lions are extremely fast, and they can practically stop and turn on a dime…

Humans, on the other hand, are certainly less coordinated! Nevertheless, the little girl was more than happy to partake in a friendly game of tag with her new pal as the zoo’s guests watched in awe.

Everyone else just kept watching and enjoying the rare event transpiring right before their eyes. It was such a surprise that an animal like a sea lion could develop an instant connection with a little girl!

It actually made sense that the sea lion would react so excitedly to the little girl that day. As social as these animals are in the wild, they are just as likely to try to communicate in captivity—whether with other sea lions or humans!

In addition to their playful nature, these super swimmers are also exceptionally fast! Even the slowest of the seal lions out there can swim at speeds up to 30 miles per hour. It was no wonder this little girl couldn’t keep up!

Since they often move so quickly, sea lions need to eat a lot of food to keep up their stamina. Adult sea lions have been known to consume up to 10 percent of their own body weight each day.

In captivity, sea lions are very easy to train because they are highly intelligent and motivated by food. But with no snacks in sight here, it’s clear that this sea lion was motivated by something else—a newly found friendship, perhaps?

While you should never approach a sea lion if you see one in the wild, it’s still fun to interact with them at the zoo. Thankfully, this goofy guy was the best kind of playmate! In fact, when his new friend tripped and fell, he stopped to make sure she was okay…

As this little girl played an impromptu game of tag with the sea lion at the zoo, she got a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to connect with a wild animal. It just goes to show that even wild animals have kind hearts. Watch their adorable interaction below!

Maybe wild animals really do care about us? If you ever needed proof, this would be it!

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