Dog Who Runs Away From Home To Find For His Owners Knows Exactly Where To Look

It’s easy to panic if your pet ever goes missing. After all, they have no way to ask for help, and there’s no telling what kind of trouble they might get themselves into.

Of course, there’s the worst-case scenario that no pet owner wants to think about: your pet gets injured in some way while trying to find help. Thankfully, there was at least one lost dog in western New York who, amazingly, knew exactly where to go after this happened to him.

After a shepherd mix named Buddy escaped from his yard one day and couldn’t find his way back home, he smartly decided to go to the one place where he knew he’d be safe…

When your pet goes missing, it’s easy to instantly assume the worst-case scenario. Since they have no way of asking people for help, there’s really no way of knowing what will happen to them or what kind of trouble they’ll get themselves into.

While your mind darts from bad thought to another, you can’t help but wonder if your lost pet is hurt somewhere all alone with no one to call for help. Some dogs, however, know exactly what to do in these situations.

If your pet ever became lost, would they know how to find help? For one Batavia, New York, dog named Buddy, that answer is “yes!” After he ran away from home and lost his way, he went to the exact place where he knew he’d be safe…

Jeff Kramer / Flickr

Buddy used his noggin for its intended purpose and headed straight to the nearby hospital! And it’s no coincidence he went to United Memorial Medical Center, either. As it turned out, he had a very good reason for showing up there.

 Healthcare Source

When Buddy walked into the hospital, he immediately laid down on the floor. The staff was quick to bring a blanket, treats, and some water to the pup, whom they were eager to help. That’s when they called the police to report what happened.

National Police Car Archives

It wasn’t until later in the day when authorities finally realized Buddy, a shepherd mix, actually belonged to two people who worked in the facility! The couple had been searching everywhere they could think of to find Buddy, all to no avail.


Hospital staff worker Katelyn DiSalvo posted a picture of Buddy on Facebook with a caption that read, “This sweet pup walked into UMMC ER just like a patient would. No I.D. tag but did have a license tag! The police came and picked him up and the pup will be brought to the pound until hopefully claimed.”

Katelyn DiSalvo / Facebook

Buddy’s owners, Cindy Hall and her husband, had been beside themselves with worry since they discovered Buddy had dug underneath the backyard fence and escaped. After searching far and wide, they returned home—right when an officer pulled up with Buddy in tow! They never imagined he’d go to their place of work.

Thankfully, Buddy now has a new collar and tag so he can be easily identified should something similar happen ever again. Cindy joked that he “would have to burrow to China to get under and out again. I think he’s home to stay this time.”


If only Buddy could speak English, perhaps then he could have explained to the hospital workers or the police what was really going on! Luckily for him and his humans, his smart thinking still got him home safely by the end of the day.

Mark Gutman / Daily News

What a smart dog. To think he knew how to follow the scent of his humans to find them is miraculous!

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