Man Finds A Struggling Duck On The Side Of The Road And Falls Deeply In Love

Rescuing animals is a tough job. Of course, we all want animals to be safe; it’s just that, sometimes, it’s difficult to convey that concept to them. Most of the time, they’re either too distressed or terrified to understand that they’re being helped in the first place!

That’s why it’s always a good idea to contact wildlife professionals whenever you spot a furry—or feathered—friend in need. And even then, you might realize it’s not the animal that’s in shock or in distress… it’s you!

When one man came across a female mallard duck outside his apartment in northeastern Pennsylvania, the first thing he noticed was how cute she was. Then he realized she was in grave danger…

One chilly evening, a Pennsylvania man had just stepped outside to go grocery shopping when he stopped in his tracks: a female mallard duck was struggling by the side of the road, unable to walk or move. The man knew he had to help her.

He called for his girlfriend, who hurried outside with a towel to wrap up the duck in order to keep her warm.

Understandably, the duck was pretty upset. The man’s girlfriend tried calling the local gaming commission, but no one answered.

The couple then contacted the fire department, who told them to call 911. The operator assured them that someone would show up to help. Sadly, no one came.

When the couple dialed 911 a second time, they were told that someone from the gaming commission would be by to take the duck in the morning. That meant they had to care for her for the rest of the night…

As the duck began to relax while sitting on the man’s leg, he said he could “feel himself falling in love.” They stayed in the car together for hours to keep warm.

The man named the duck Mally the Mallard. He wanted to keep her, but knew that his cats wouldn’t take to her too kindly. Besides, he couldn’t give her the help she needed!

Every time a car passed by, Mally would become skittish immediately and lay her head on her rescuer’s arm as if to ask for reassurance.

Finally, it was time to set up Mally with accommodations—a box and a blanket! The man knew she’d be in good hands with the representative of the gaming commission; that’s when he realized that she saved him as well by making him feel helpful. Mally showed her appreciation as well: when he picked her up off of his lap, she left a present behind for him to remember her by!

Mally is the epitome of a lucky duck. As it turned out, she had been struck, possibly by a car, and left to suffer alone on the side of the road. This man was so generous to take her in, and saddened to see her go—but their friendship will always be a happy memory for them both.

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