This Dog-Sized Lizard Is Instagram’s Latest Sensation And People Are Obsessed

Some animals are seemingly built for cuddling. Cats and dogs, for instance, are basically real-life stuffed animals, and that makes them the perfect snuggle-buddies.

At first glance, this couple’s pet—whose name is MacGyver, in case you’re wondering—seems like the last animal you’d want to cozy up next to. But when you see him with his owner, you’ll understand that cuddly creatures come in all sorts of shapes and sizes!

In fact, MacGyver, who has thousands of admirers across social media, is quite the star. Yet, it’s clear that his owners love him more than anyone!

This lovable lizard is named MacGyver! He’s an Argentine Red Tegu living in California with his owners, and you’d be hard-pressed to find a more popular reptile anywhere on planet Earth. Don’t believe it? Just keep reading…

macgyverlizard / Instagram

He’s currently four years old. His owners, a married couple by the name of Scott and Ice, are his biggest fans. Heck, they even gave him a cute (and presumably delicious) salmon “cake” to celebrate his most recent birthday.

MacGyver weighs a hefty 20 pounds, and he is roughly the same size as a small dog. He may not wag his tail, chase a tennis ball, or greet house guests at the front door, but he’s still a great pet!

macgyverlizard / Instagram

“He can go anywhere he wants pretty much in the house, but he’ll choose to come over and sleep right in front of the couch where our feet are,” said Scott in an interview. Clearly, he’s proud of his unique pet!

Macgyverlizard / Instagram

With more than 45,000 YouTube subscribers, 19,600 Twitter followers, 127,000 Facebook fans, and 166,000 Instagram followers to date, it looks like MacGyver’s appeal extends beyond the home he shares with Scott and Ice.

macgyverlizard / Instagram

He’s even got his own profile on LinkedIn, where he’s listed as “Chief Executive Lizard at MacGyver the Lizard LLC.” He also graduated from the “University of Salmon Eating Online.” (He has 184 connections.)

You may be wondering why Scott and Ice’s last names haven’t been mentioned. Well, that’s because MacGyver is so massively popular online that the couple has had to protect their privacy.

Macgyverlizard / Instagram

Plus, MacGyver loves to sunbathe in their backyard, so Scott and Ice wouldn’t want anyone with ill intent to get the wrong idea and try to kidnap their beloved lizard. Lizard-napping isn’t a common crime, but it is a devastating one!

macgyverlizard / Instagram

“Right now, he’s sitting out in the front yard basking,” said Scott. “He’ll probably stay out there for a couple of hours. Then he’ll go to the bathroom and he’ll walk in by himself.” It seems like MacGyver’s really got his daily routine down to a “T!”

Macgyverlizard / Instagram

“He is pretty smart,” Scott continued. “He’s not a genius. He’s not quite at the TV series MacGyver-level. Put it this way, he is much, much smarter than most people think that reptiles can be.”

MacGyverlizard / Instagram

That being said, the couple is quick to remind people that caring for MacGyver is a lot of work. “A lot of people are under the impression that reptiles are really easy to care for,” said Scott. “These guys are not easy.”

macgyverlizard / Instagram

It’s almost like caring for a dog—but one with very special requirements. “Because they get so large, it’s nearly impossible to find a prefabricated enclosure that is suitable for them for less than a couple grand,” explained Scott.

macgyverlizard / Instagram

“So pretty much everyone builds their own large enclosure that typically runs about $400. On top of that, they are voracious eaters, and youngsters are eating primarily meat, so food costs start to add up a lot faster than some people expect as well.”

macgyverlizard / Instagram

As difficult as it sometimes is to care for MacGyver, there’s no denying that he’s a wonderful pet who’s loved by his owners, not to mention his thousands of admirers online. He’s a bonafide star!

macgyverlizard / Instagram

It definitely sounds like most people should think carefully about getting an Argentine Red Tegu of their own, but Scott and Ice seem more than capable. Don’t miss seeing this special guy in action!

(Video may take a moment to load.)

With such a large following on social media and YouTube, it’s clear that this couple aren’t the only ones who would enjoy having such an unusual cuddle buddy. MacGyver is truly adorable!

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