Dog Lets His Mini Horse Friend Treat Him Like He’s Just Another Member Of The Herd

We’ve all seen the back of a stranger’s head and mistaken them for someone we know. We grabbed their shoulder or tapped them on the back, expecting to see a familiar face when they turned around. Much to our chagrin, the person was not who we thought they were. Even the memory of these moments make us recoil in embarrassment.

Believe it or not, animals can also have this experience. According to one miniature horse, however, it’s not so embarrassing.

Still, this miniature horse gaffed big time. Not only did he mistake someone else for his friend, but he got the species wrong, too!

This adorable mini horse became so excited when he spotted who he thought was his friend that he gave him a kiss. Unfortunately, it was just a dog—who was, decidedly, not a horse!

But it’s what he did when he realized his error that was adorable…

This doggo was nothing short of surprised to find his new horse pal giving him a bath. But he certainly didn’t mind, and clearly loved getting the attention, no matter where—or who—it came from!

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