Nature Gets Revenge On Safari Hunter Who Killed Elephants And Lions For Sport

Shortly after Scott disappeared, there were two massive Nile crocodiles spotted by the riverbank where Scott’s footsteps and backpack were found. Crocodiles were known to attack humans if they were too close to the water. Police suspected that the crocs may have attacked Scott and caused his death, and the animals were subsequently killed by wildlife authorities. 

Chad Sparkes / Fickr

When forensics experts and nature conservation services performed an autopsy on the crocodiles, they found what might possibly be human remains inside. Tests are being done to see if those remains are, in fact, Scott van Zyl. There have been four crocodile attacks in the last month alone in Zimbabwe, and experts are fairly certain that Scott was the unfortunate victim of one.

Scott van Zyl / Facebook

Tragedy can truly strike when you least expect it. Hopefully, Scott’s family can gain some sense of closure over his loss.

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