Mama Dog That Gives Birth In Hazardous Area Makes It Nearly Impossible For Rescuers To Reach Her

Over the years, the heroic staff at Hope For Paws in Los Angeles, California, have rescued hundreds of dogs. It’s safe to say the team knows exactly what to expect whenever they arrive at the scene of a rescue. Yet, for all their combined experience, they’ll sometimes encounter something that puts them through the ringer.

Just take what happened recently when they were called to an industrial area on the outskirts of Los Angeles to save a mother dog, Mopsy, and her litter of puppies. What was initially believed to be a routine call turned into a harrowing rescue that pushed them to their limit…

The staff from Los Angeles-based animal rescue organization Hope For Paws know that each given rescue situation is completely different from the the last. They understood that all too well when they were recently called to an industrial section of the city.

An unnamed person noticed a mother dog and her puppies had apparently taken up shelter in a rather dangerous part of town. The area where they were living, while fenced in, was covered in piles of pipes and it didn’t offer much shelter from the elements.

When the volunteers from Hope For Paws arrived at the scene, they knew they had their work cut out for them. Still, it was crucial that they give the mother dog and her three puppies a fighting chance, and they would do whatever it took…

At first, the volunteers spotted the puppies roaming around the pipes in the fenced-in area. Though they could see them clearly, the pups were still too far away to try to rescue them.

A moment later, the volunteers spotted the mother, too, who was following her puppies along. They needed to get her attention before she ran away, so the rescuers decided to throw her some food.

When tempting her with food didn’t work, Loreta Frankonyte, one of the Hope For Paws rescuers, decided to try climbing under the fence. With the help of Eldad Hagar, the rescue organization’s founder, she got to work.

Once it was determined there was nowhere for the mother dog, whom they named Mopsy, and her puppies to escape, Loreta made her move under the fence. As soon as she was safely on the other side, she knew exactly what to do.

With her years of experience in rescuing dogs, Loreta knew that it would be smart to get a hold of the mother first instead of one of her puppies. That way, they would be a lot less likely to take off; they’d likely stay near their mother.

Yet, for all her planning, Loreta was back to square one: the moment Mopsy spotted her entering under the fence, she took off running—and her puppies hid. What made it even worse was that the mother dog managed to squeeze out of the fenced-off section of the lot!

But the rescuers persisted—there was absolutely no way they were going to let Mopsy out of their sight. Luckily, following an intense chase around different areas of the lot, the mother dog decided she needed to take a rest…

Loreta and Eldad both knew it was likely going to be their best opportunity to swoop her up. So as Mopsy collected her breath, the rescuers leapt into action. After creeping up slowly, they managed to grab a hold of her, despite her best attempt to flee!

With Mopsy secured, both Loreta and Eldad made it a point to locate her puppies. They needed to reunite the family as soon as possible in order to gain their trust. But there was just one problem: it had taken them so long to get Mopsy that it was getting dark!

While Loreta and Eldad were busy chasing Mopsy, the puppies did the opposite of what they anticipated: they’d managed to hide under the PVC pipes that were in the enclosed area. That only made their rescue efforts all the more difficult.

What was supposed to be a routine dog rescue quickly transpired into a half-hour of removing pipe after pipe from the enormous pile. But Loreta and Eldad were determined to retrieve the puppies out from under the pipes, no matter how long it took them.

Eventually, the rescuers were able to see the puppies through the remaining pipes! They knelt down and quickly grabbed each of the puppies from inside a series of crates. Then, they quickly reunited them with their mother.

Loreta and Eldad brought the puppies to a local veterinarian, where they were given proper baths and thoroughly checked for any ailments. In the meantime, they were given the names Juniper, Figaro, and Jiminy.

When it was determined that the puppies, as well as Mopsy, were all in good health, they were placed in a comfortable area of the facility where they could be together—and get some much-needed sleep.

In total, it had taken Loreta and Eldad six hours to rescue the four dogs—much longer than they’d anticipated. Loreta was so exhausted from the rescue that even she laid down to take a nap with the stray dog family!

The following day, Mopsy and her puppies were brought into the Much Love Animal Rescue center and put up for adoption. Within hours, Figaro was adopted into a loving forever home, though Mopsy and two of her puppies remained.

Though they weren’t adopted as quickly, there was a good chance that Mopsy and her last two puppies would find their own loving homes, especially when word of their rescue got out. In the meantime, they were just lucky that the staff from Hope For Paws wanted to help give them a second chance!

All dogs deserve a place to call home. Because of caring people like the team from Hope For Paws, many pups who are abandoned or stray are finding forever homes!

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