23 Hilarious Dogs On Snapchat Who Might Be As Human As Their Owners Are

People love showing off their dogs on social media. Whether they’re posting pictures and videos of their furry friends on their own pages, or making special accounts just for their doggies, it proves that they’re a special part of their lives.

One of the newer social media phenomenons, Snapchat—which allows people to send photos to their friends before they disappear after a short period of time—is certainly no different. When their dogs are doing something special, Snapchat users can’t wait to share the memory with everyone they know!

Whether their pups are acting like humans or just being weird, dog lovers everywhere are going to be thrilled these 23 funniest dogs on Snapchat won’t disappear after 10 seconds!

1. Hey, don’t judge this pup! She’s just trying to do whatever it takes to survive in this harsh world. Besides, do you have any idea how much textbooks cost these days? It’s a wonder that anybody gets an education.

2. “Oh my gosh, Karen, we both look so cute tonight! Everybody on Instagram is going to love that beautiful selfie we just took. Now, let’s take a silly one. You know, just to show everyone how fun we are!”

3. This is definitely a case of a dog spending so much time around his human family that he starts to think that he’s a human himself. After all, he seems to think nothing of sitting upright on the couch with them!

4. It’s a rough life being a puppy. You’re expected to eat, sleep, play, and be adorable all day long, and you have to pee outside! Now, they expect you to drive the car on top of all that? That’s just too much.

5. Since dogs are domesticated animals, many people put them to work in different ways. Sure, there are plenty of different uses for dogs on farms, but did you ever imagine them working like this?

6. There are probably a few people who would find the idea of a dog dressed like His Holiness just a little sacrilegious, but for the rest of us, it’s completely adorable! However, the notion that a dog can use money is just ludicrous and we find it deeply offensive.

7. Aw, just look at how proud this doggo is of his work! You can tell from his face that he’s thinking something along the lines of, “This is my latest work. I call it ‘The Joy of Eating A Dog Treat.'”

8. Look at that terrified face! That is certainly the expression of a dog who knows that he’s been caught red-handed committing a crime, and now there’s no way for him to bark his way out of it!

9. This doggy knows that he has a spectacular set of gams, and he can’t help but show them off! Hey, you know what they say: if you’ve got it, flaunt it. Of course, that is one ridiculous pose, though…

10. There’s nothing quite like a fancy dinner date with the people—or dogs, for that matter—who you care about most! This pup definitely appreciates the effort that went into making this delicious meal.

11. Most dogs are known for running and splashing around in the water the moment that they get the opportunity. Simply sitting down calmly in the pool to relax, though, is a different story! No worries, guys, he’s just chillin’.

12. There’s no shortage of dogs who love to dig holes in the backyard, but most of the time, they’re either looking for something special underground or they’re trying to bury bones… not building a new hangout spot!

13. Many people like to give their favorite pooches comfy dog beds to sleep on at night. However, tucking them in under the covers and getting them ready for bedtime just like human children is also fun!

14. There’s nothing like a good pair of glasses to make people look smarter and more sophisticated. You can’t help but take a dog more seriously when he has a pair of specks on! This guy basically looks like a professor.

15. Traveling by plane can be long, tedious, uncomfortable, and expensive. So, there are few things worse than an inconsiderate human making the experience even more miserable for you. At least this doggo is polite enough to address the issue in a civilized manner!

16. “You know, Sir, I don’t want to tell you how to parent your own dog, but don’t you think it would be easier to just hold onto him with a leash while you pick out your clothes? Just a thought.”

17. “But, but… I thought you loved me? After all of these years together, after everything that we’ve been through, this is what you do to me? Fine… I can tell when I’m not wanted. I get it.”

18. You heard it here first, folks: athletic equipment headgear is going to be the next big thing in dog fashion this fall. Just look at how classy and handsome it makes this pup look! He’s ready to impress!

19. It’s not entirely clear from this picture how this puppy managed to get herself trapped in a plastic chair, but most dog owners can take a wild guess. Obviously, the chair attacked her and she had to defend herself accordingly. Riiiight.

20. Aw, just look at how much joy it brings this puppy to be joining his favorite human on a grocery shopping adventure! He must know that he’s going to get some dog treats out of the deal…

21. “Oh hey, honey, I just picked up some new clothes! Let’s see… I got a pair of socks, some underwear… and, uh, one Pomeranian. Did I order a puppy by accident? Guess there was no extra charge…”

22. There are few things worse than the feeling of swallowing a bug of any kind, let alone one as potentially painful as a bee. Luckily, this pup doesn’t seem to be freaking out the way many humans would!

23. “Don’t look at me, I’m hideous! That’s why I must spend the rest of my days with this wooden mask covering my face. Nobody wants to see a face covered in fur, or a weird, wet nose…”

There’s something incredibly special about people recognizing how funny their dogs really are. What’s the point of having a dog if we can’t laugh at them sometimes?

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