Older Cat Goes Out To Play And Returns With A Kitten Nobody’s Ever Seen Before

After some people have children, it can be difficult for them to let go of their parental instincts. Even after their kids are well into adulthood, they may still find themselves wanting to care for a young one. “Empty nest” syndrome is a very real thing!

Our pets are certainly no exception! Posey the cat, for example, had the same kind of maternal instincts as any other animal, and after her three kittens were all adopted into different homes, those feelings never quite disappeared.

Luckily, fate had something else in store for Posey. What happened next proved that she still has a lot to offer when it comes to her maternal instincts!

One day, a stray cat wandered right into Claudia Wright’s home—along with her three kittens. Right away, Claudia became fond of the cat, whom she named Posey. She immediately adopted her and found families for each of the kittens.

At four years old, Posey was still as curious as ever, and she loved to explore outdoors. One afternoon, Claudia returned home to find that Posey had brought in something… special.

Posey must’ve still had powerful maternal instincts, because she’d brought in a tiny 7-week-old stray who Claudia later named Meesy. “I guess she missed having a baby around and found one,” Claudia said in an interview.

“The kitten has never been seen around the neighborhood,” continued Claudia. “I already verified the kitten isn’t anyone else’s. Meesy must have gotten separated from her mother and she and Posey may have just come across each other.”

Meesy had to be bottle-fed because she was so small, and she spent most of her time cuddling with Posey. It was clear that the pair was hinting to Claudia that they wanted to stay together!

Now Claudia’s family has a new member, and Posey couldn’t be happier! “They love each other,” said Claudia. “They’ve completely adopted each other.”

It’s so wonderful that Posey found another kitten to love and care for. Hopefully they’ll have many happy days ahead of them!

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