15 Incredibly Cute Hens Who Took In Other Animals As Their Own

At one point or another, everyone has heard the term “mother hen.” It refers to someone who has a way of taking on a maternal role with everyone they meet. Of course, it’s inspired by the real-life animal, which often sit on top of their babies to keep them warm.

In the animal kingdom, nothing is stronger than the power of motherly love. Believe it or not, from stray kittens to puppies and geese, hens are always there to provide a nurturing relationship to someone, no matter their species.

Just take a look at these 15 adorable hens who’ve adopted completely different animals, and you’ll see why “mother hen” is such a fitting role…

1. Not only were these kittens abandoned with no place to call home, but they were left that way on Mother’s Day, of all days. As expected, this incredible hen had no problem letting the tiny kittens take shelter by her side.

2. A mother hen’s love doesn’t only extend to kittens, but to cute little puppies, as well. Just look how she’s keeping both these little guys warm through the night by lying on top of them like she would her own eggs!

3. This mother hen is happy to multitask. Not only is she taking care of her own young chicks, but she’s also looking after an adorably cuddly pup, too. There’s nothing this hen won’t do to win “Mother of the Year!”

4. When it comes to being a good mother, hens will do whatever it takes to get the job done. One, two, three, and even four kittens isn’t too much to ask for. This mother hen will stop at nothing to play a maternal role when necessary.

5. Even when a couple of abandoned pigeons have no place to call home, a mother hen will step up to the plate, assuming all responsibility for taking care of the feathery cuties. Go on little fellas; hop on under that hen’s wings! Just look at her resigned face.

6. Why, is that an orphaned little duckling in need of a place to call home? No worries, this hen has taken note. “Come with me little duckling. You have so much to see and learn. The possibilities are endless.”

7. Apparently this mother hen sat on the wrong nest after returning from finding food for her young, and she ended up hatching these ducklings. Not to worry, though; she didn’t mind taking over the maternal role and raising them as her own.

8. No matter the species or size of the animal in need, this mother hen makes it her duty to watch after all her young. Just look at those fluffy ostriches! They’re all so happy because they know they have someone to call “Mom.”

9. This teeny little duckling is seeking shelter with its mother hen in the soft grass. They could probably sit there for hours and hours just thinking about how they’re such lucky ducks to have each other!

10. Just when you thought you’d seen it all, this mother hen goes and adopts a little piggy! “This little piggy went to the market, this little piggy had roast beef, and this little piggy squealed all the way home… to be with his mother hen!”

11. Come one, come all! It looks like all ducklings are allowed to stay with this loving mother hen. They’re all nestling in there trying to stay warm, and she’s offering up all the shelter they need to get through the day.

12. These long-legged gray birds are known as American Rhea chicks. They might not look quite the same as their adoptive mother, but they sure do love being by her side regardless. They’re one big happy family!

13. Oh, you thought there weren’t going to be more adorable photos of these cute puppies and their mama hen? Wrong! This time they’re totally posing for a beautiful family portrait. She’s definitely keeping all of her eggs in one basket!

14. When a thunderstorm suddenly moved over a small town, these two adorable kittens sought shelter in a strange place: under this mother hen. It’s a good thing they did, though, because she was more than willing to offer her cozy warmth to the frightened felines.

15. Apparently, father roosters have been taking note of the importance of a maternal figure in a little one’s life. This one is more than happy to provide some temporary shelter for a cute baby goat before an incoming storm!

Hens (and roosters!) really have some incredible maternal instincts. There’s no one they won’t provide with love and care.

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