Starving Kitten Abandoned By The Side Of The Road Is Practically Unrecognizable Now

Adopting a pet is an enormous responsibility that not everyone can handle. If you are unable to provide the proper love and care for that animal, you probably shouldn’t be a pet owner in the first place.

YouTube user Kalpana Peter recently found a kitten on the side of the road who had clearly been abandoned by its owner. The poor baby had been neglected; her fur was matted and she was starving. That’s when Kalpana leapt into action. Just wait until you see that kitten now…

Kalpana and a friend were recently driving down the road when they discovered an abandoned kitten on the side of the road. They immediately brought the kitten to a nearby vet, so she could receive the proper care she so desperately needed.


In the care of the vets, they realized what a rough state the kitten was in.


Her journey wasn’t over yet. Watch the video to see what happened next…

What an amazing transformation. Thankfully Kalpana was able to give Hetty the help that she so desperately needed.

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