Rescuers Find A Newborn Calf Abandoned On The Side Of The Road, Then Realize How She Got There

Calves born on dairy farms are typically taken away from their mothers just moments after birth. It’s a cruel practice that is done as a means to prevent the calves from taking even the tiniest drop of milk away from the farm.

When rescue group Animal Aid United in India received a call about an abandoned calf on the side of the road they knew exactly what had happened. When they arrived on the scene they were shocked to see the poor animal’s condition. You have to see what this calf looks like now.

Rescue group Animal Aid United in India was recently alerted of an abandoned calf on the side of the road, noting the calf was still covered in its mother’s afterbirth.


Rescuers rushed the calf back to their shelter where it received the care it so desperately needed, after being prematurely taken away from his mother.


See how the rescued calf is doing now in the the video below.

The difference in his demeanor is astonishing. Thank goodness for rescue groups or this calf could have met an entirely different end.

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