Dog Abandoned Because He Was ‘Too Yucky’ To Live Gets A Second Chance At A Loving Home

Sometimes people adopt a pet without really understanding what they’re getting into. While many in this situation are able to rise to the challenge, others don’t even try; when that happens, it’s the animal that ends up paying the biggest price.

This was the case for a poor pooch named Nik-Nak. His original owners never bathed or groomed him finally and eventually gave him up. They suggested that poor Nik-Nak be put down for being “yucky.” Thankfully, though, the shelter workers saw his true potential!

Nik-Nak’s original owners cared so little for him that they refused to bathe or groom the poor dog, and somehow they had the nerve to drop him off at a shelter, recommending that he be put down because he was so “yucky.”

Nik-Nak’s lack of proper hygiene meant that his skin had numerous infections and his nails were overgrown. However, with just a little bit of love and care, he began to look better!

His real turning point, though, came when a woman agreed to foster him for a little while to physically and emotionally prepare him to be adopted out!

Then, in his new foster mom’s home, Nik-Nak flourished in a way that nobody expected!

It’s completely baffling that somebody could take such poor care of an animal and then recommend it be put down. Thank goodness for pet foster families!

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