Cat Swats Away Anyone Who Tries To Get In His New Playhouse

Hardly anyone is a fan of having unexpected guests show up to their house. When that doorbell rings, who among us doesn’t roll their eyes and sigh just a bit? Who could that be? And what could they possibly want?

No one hates houseguests as much as this one particularly grumpy cat. When his owners tried to knock on the door, he made it known that there was no room at the inn, so to speak.

Time and time again, he let them know they weren’t welcome, and every single time, it was as hilarious as the last!

Imgur user dyire recently posted a series of clips that showcased just how much her cat hates guests visiting him in his tiny house.


Time and time again, she and her boyfriend tried to “go inside” their cat’s house…


But each time, he found ways to say “Scram!”


“Don’t even think about it, buddy!”

Well, they can keep trying all they want, but it doesn’t look like that cat is a fan of the idea of letting them inside! Maybe they should call him next time and let him know they’re on their way over?

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