Brave Officer Sees Cub Isn’t Going To Make It And Decides To Put His Own Life On The Line

At any given moment, an ordinary individual can become a hero. No, they don’t fly at supersonic speeds or fight super villains: these heroes are the people that go out of their way to help others in need. While the impact they have on the world isn’t always monumental, even the smallest act of kindness can make a big difference.

For one New Hampshire state trooper, a routine animal crossing quickly turned deadly when something unexpected happened just inches away from his vehicle. The officer leaped into action without a second thought for his own life…

White Mountain National Forest spans a staggering 750,000 acres of protected wilderness between both New Hampshire and Maine. With so much preserved land, it’s no surprise that this forest is home to a wide variety of animals.

The treetops alone are filled with an astonishing amount of wildlife, featuring 184 different species of bird. But even with so many feathered creatures soaring through the air, White Mountain still has plenty of room for some of nature’s biggest mammals.

Black bears have come to dominate White Mountain. With an estimated 5,000 black bears in the state of New Hampshire alone, running into one of these furry giants is almost a guarantee. The outcomes, however, are always unpredictable. 

On one ordinary day, a New Hampshire State Police officer was on traffic patrol in the wooded area of Bretton Woods when he spotted something that made him jump out of his vehicle…

Céline McArthur

Just a few feet away from the officer’s patrol car, a family of black bears was casually making its way across the street. Though black bear litters are typically 1-3 cubs, the officer was surprised at how many baby bears the mama bear had with her.

Town of Carroll Police Department / Facebook

The officer watched in amazement as the bear led her four cubs past his vehicle, paying him and the other cars that had stopped to watch the spectacle no mind. But as the mama bear reached the other side of the road, the officer noticed something…

Town of Carroll Police Department / Facebook

Though the mama bear had managed to get three of her cubs to safety, one smaller cub had fallen behind. In fact, the poor little guy had plopped down right in the middle of the road and refused to budge.

Gilles Baechler

Seeing this, the mama bear began pacing back and forth across the street, attempting to show the cub what he should be doing. But no matter how many times she paced, the big bear couldn’t get her baby to move.

Town of Carroll Police Department / Facebook

While the rest of the onlookers were amused by the stubbornness of the cub, the officer knew something was off about the little bear’s behavior. This bear wasn’t stubborn: he was sick. And his mama knew it, too.

Céline McArthur

Nothing she tried worked to budge the cub, and she knew she had a tough decision to make. Gathering her remaining cubs, the mama bear crossed the road a final time and disappeared into the forest.

The officer couldn’t believe that the mama bear had left her cub behind, but before he could dwell on the situation any longer his instincts kicked into gear — the officer knew he couldn’t leave this poor baby to die.

Without a moment to lose, the officer hurried over to the cub and scooped him into his arms. Seeing the baby bear up close, however, the officer knew that the little guy was too sick to be returned to his mother just yet…

New Hampshire State Police / Facebook

The officer rushed the bear to the New Hampshire Fish and Game Center, where wildlife officials immediately took the cub into their care. Not only that, but the officials also gave the officer some shocking news: this cub wasn’t the only one who had been abandoned.

According to reports, the mama bear was spotted earlier that day with five cubs, not four like he had seen. Unwilling to leave another baby bear abandoned, the officer gathered up several K9 units and set out to find the missing cub.

Union Leader

Sure enough, the fifth cub was discovered not far from where the officer first crossed paths with the mama bear. This cub was also sick, and so he, too, was brought to the center for rehabilitation.

So, the question remains: why did the mama bear abandon her sick cubs? Aren’t they supposed to give up their lives to defend their young? The answer is actually one found quite often in nature.

Instinctually, the mama bear was more concerned with the wellbeing of her cubs as a whole instead of just the two that were ill. Rather than risk the lives of her remaining cubs, she chose to leave the weak ones behind.

Now that the two abandoned bear siblings have been recovered and reunited, they will be cared for at the fish and game center. Once back to full strength, the cubs will be returned to the wild where they will hopefully reunite with their mother.

If it hadn’t been for the officer’s big heart and quick thinking, those poor cubs surely wouldn’t have been able to survive on their own. Thanks to him and the wildlife officials, these bears now have a bright, fun-filled future ahead of them!

Check out the video below to watch actual footage from this inspiring bear rescue! It’s not everyday that a person gets a chance to be a hero, thank goodness this officer was there. 

That officer arrived just in time to save those poor bear cubs. Pretty soon, they’ll be back to living and playing in the wild where they belong!

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