Police Officer Risks His Life Diving Into A Frozen Lake To Save A Helpless Dog

If there’s one thing that makes police officers stand out, it’s undoubtedly their incomparable sense of duty. When responding to someone in need, you’ll frequently see them shrug off any praise with the line “I was just doing my job.”

Often that job requires them to place someone else’s life before their own. When it’s another person, especially a child, it’s easy to understand that instinct. But what if it was an animal?

Though many would argue that saving an animal can never justify the loss of human life, one Canadian officer is being applauded for his recent actions when he spotted a dog that had fallen through an icy lake. But it was what the officer did before he ran into the water that’s grabbing people’s attention…

While chasing a ball at Canada’s Lost Lagoon, a dog sprinted out to the center of the icy lake and suddenly fell through into the freezing water. Struggling to stay afloat, he didn’t have much time before he would exhaust himself. Thankfully, Constable Peter Colenutt saw the whole thing—and immediately jumped in to help.

Paul E. Marquis / twitter

But Peter didn’t just jump into the water. He pulled off parts of his uniform, including his shoes, and dropped them onto the snowy shore to ensure that nothing would get in the way of the rescue. Peter successfully grabbed hold of the petrified pooch, and with the help of a long rope and the strength of his comrades in uniform, he was able to pull toward the dog toward safety.

Paul E. Marquis / twitter

Peter bravely risked his life to make sure the dog was safe. Once the news spread about his story, he became an instant hero all throughout Canada!

CTV Darcy / twitter

Both dog and officer ended up safe and sound after this frightening incident. Hopefully our canine friend will know not to venture out on the ice next time his ball rolls away from him! As it turns out, Peter has quite the record of water rescues—but this was the first in water this cold! Hats off to you, Officer!

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