The Wild Reason This Otter Just Ambushed A Couple On Their Walk

There’s no denying that otters are some of the most adorable water-dwelling critters out there. While we may not be able to interact with them much in our day-to-day routines, they’re still incredibly sweet animals that are worthy of our love and affection.

One couple learned firsthand that not only are otters cute, but they love to have a good time! While walking past a creek, they spotted something strange happening in the water—and they ended up making an unlikely new friend…

When it comes to cuteness, certain animals just seem to stand a cut above the rest— and otters definitely fit that bill. Many people don’t know that there are actually several different otter species around the world, and they’re all equally precious.

The ones that most Americans would probably be most familiar with are North American river otters. Anyone would be lucky to catch even the faintest glimpse of one of these cuties in the wild. It’s always a special day when you get to see an otter!

That’s why an eagle-eyed couple was so excited to see one of these otters jump out of the water while they were passing a creek during a leisurely stroll. It’s hard to blame them, especially when you see what happened next…

As friendly as the little critter seemed, the couple became a little bit worried as the otter started approaching them. What if he was territorial? Did he have rabies?

As much as they would’ve wanted to enjoy the moment—after all, how often do you get to interact with a wild animal?—they couldn’t help but wonder if it was a smart idea to get so close to this excited otter…

manfredrichter / YouTube

Sure, this otter was undeniably adorable, but not every cute creature is going to get along well with humans. Take hippos, for instance. They’re slow-moving and they look friendly, but they can actually be extremely dangerous and territorial.

This couple had another reason to worry, too: this otter wasn’t approaching them slowly and cautiously the way other wild animals might. Once he spotted them, he ran toward them quickly! If he attacked them, they would’ve been powerless to stop him.

Fortunately, this otter encounter was special. Even though he was a wild critter and he was undoubtedly energized, it wasn’t because he was territorial or angry in the least. In fact, he was positively excited! It was rare for wild otters to interact with humans—and for good reason.

Sam Wanamaker / Wikimedia Commons

Unfortunately, it hasn’t been smooth sailing for these wonderful animals when it comes to dealing with mankind. Due to major habitat loss over the years, they’re now found in fewer places than ever.

U.S Fish and Wildlife Services Southeast Region

Luckily, recent conservation and reintroduction projects have helped protect the North American river otter population. Hopefully, that leads to more adorable, priceless moments like the one the couple would experience…

Not only was this particular otter perfectly friendly—and apparently quite harmless, based on his actions—but he jumped and ran around just like a puppy would. It was almost as if he wasn’t an otter at all!

Anyone who’s ever owned a dog, or at least has spent a decent amount of time around them, knows how excited they can become when they see people they love. The otter, in this case, must have taken a sincere liking to that couple!

It’s always a special experience to see these wonderful creatures up close. The fact that one couple got to spend so much time with one in the wild was practically unheard of! That otter must have really wanted someone to play with.

The otter showed that he felt comfortable enough with his new human friends to even take a brief pause at the woman’s feet. How unusual! Animals in the wild almost never show this kind of trust in people…

YouTube / Jck Holmes

This sweet little guy must have known that his new friends were uneasy about his presence, so he made it clear that he wasn’t going to hurt them. It almost makes you wonder if this wasn’t his first encounter with humans…

It’s important to remember that otters are affectionate by nature. They like to spend time in pairs or with their babies, and they never shy away from a little PDA! Whether kissing or cleaning each other, these animals aren’t afraid to show they care.

Stevebidmead / Pixabay

That must have been why this particular little otter was running, jumping, rolling over, and playing exactly like a happy dog or any other pet would if he saw someone he loved! How else could you explain his reaction to this couple?

While this probably didn’t mean an otter would make a good pet—he was still a wild animal, after all—it does make you realize how playful his species could be! Even if they aren’t fit to live in our homes, we can still have good relationships with wild animals.

Hannah Gibbs / Pexels

As for this silly guy, he wasn’t done yet. When the otter realized just how much attention the couple was giving him, he couldn’t help but lean into that affection by showing off his cuteness even more!

When people think of otters they think of cute and cuddly floating puppies. Sure, they aren’t really dogs, but these precious sweethearts come close in the cuteness category.

Marlin Harms / Flickr

While they are adorable, they’re also mischievous. They can often get away with their naughty behavior, though, because who’s going to question these little scamps?

Woodland Park Zoo

In fact, otters are notorious for playing the game of tag with their peers, and sometimes they even take up a game with a player slightly out of their league. That’s when things get really interesting…

When an otter is feeling frisky there’s nothing that they won’t do. They’re practically fearless, willing to challenge any creature that crosses their path — for better or for worse. That’s just what one otter did at the Jim Corbett National Park in India.

How Stuff Works

Raminder Singh was visiting the national park when he heard the sound of an animal in distress. He went to investigate and saw the last thing he ever imagined to spot. An otter was in the same habitat as a crocodile!

Caters News / Raminder Singh

“As we looked down at the river we just saw this crocodile lazing around and basking in the setting sun,” Raminder said. “To our amazement, an otter started to move towards it.” Raminder and his stunned friends held their breath as it approached…

“It went straight for the croc and nibbled its tail teasingly,” he continued. “The crocodile was quick to react and tried to gobble up the otter, but the otter was one step ahead of him. It then went into the river somewhat triumphantly.”

Caters News / Raminder Singh

“It was an amazing experience to watch,” Raminder said. The otter was unfazed by the size of its opponent, but fearlessness didn’t mean that the otter was safe or smart to make such a move! These guys just don’t think when they spot an opportunity to have fun, no matter the danger…

Caters News / Raminder Singh

Curiosity doesn’t just mean that the otter puts itself at risk, it can also mean that it has a chance to make truly unusual friendships that no one saw coming. There was one otter who proved you don’t have to be an otter to play with one.

Take, for example, the river otter who decided to pay a visit to two curious creatures he spotted on shore. He didn’t stop and think if it was safe; instead, he took dramatic action, all for the sake of adventure…

Two Labrador Retrievers were just enjoying their day on the water when all of a sudden the otter popped up out of the water. It was clear that neither pooch expected this when they left the house for a walk that day!

The Dodo

The otter probably had no idea what to expect when he popped up to say “hello.” Maybe he thought he’d get a sniff. Maybe he thought the dogs would bark at him. But he probably didn’t expect the dogs’ next moves.

The Dodo

They started to swim and chase each other around the dock! At one point the otter even jumped out of the water and up onto the boat, trying to catch his new furry friend! Could this curious otter have finally met its match with this inquisitive pup?

The Dodo

According to the owner of the two dogs, this mischievous otter hung around the dock and could be seen ready to play with whatever creature was ready and willing. Seems like his curiosity really paid off!


Otters aren’t just curious about our pets either: they’re just as curious about human beings and what we’re getting up to. So if you meet an otter, you’d better prepare yourself for some serious inquisitive cuddles and impressive adventures like the one a man had recently…

Alexander Stannus

One kayaker, enjoying the day out on the water, got quite a surprise when a fearless otter joined him on his kayak. Who did this otter think he was, Captain Jack Sparrow or something?

Heather Van Nes

The otter jumped right up out of the water and into his kayak. Again, the otter’s curious nature left it with little disregard for potential dangers. In this case, the otter in question was pretty darn lucky…


The otter made itself right at home as it cozied up on the yellow kayak for a ride around the bay. The kayaker didn’t mind the company though. But if an otter joined you for a ride around the bay, wouldn’t you be excited too?

Heather Van Nes

It doesn’t seem to matter whether or not you’ve got furry paws or human hands, one thing is for sure: the otters of the world will leap at you!

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