Crocodile Is Fleeing For Its Life. But Just When He Thinks He’s Finally Safe…

The crocodile is one of the most fearsome animals on Earth. Essentially a living dinosaur, it can grow up to 18 feet and weigh as much as 2,200 pounds. Its jaws alone are some of evolution’s most efficient killing machines.

So when Raminder Singh, a superintendent at India’s Jim Corbett National Park, noticed a small animal getting closer to a mugger crocodile, he was understandably worried for the little creature. What the animal did next, however, left him in total disbelief!

When Raminder Singh heard the sound of an animal in distress, he went to investigate. There, he saw a crocodile being attacked…by a tiny otter!

Caters News / Raminder Singh

“As we looked down at the river we just saw this crocodile lazing around and basking in the setting sun,” Raminder said. “To our amazement, an otter started to move towards it.”

Caters News / Raminder Singh

“It went straight for the croc and nibbled its tail teasingly,” he continued. “The crocodile was quick to react and tried to gobble up the otter, but the otter was one step ahead of him. It then went into the river somewhat triumphantly.”

Caters News / Raminder Singh

“It was an amazing experience to watch.” That sounds like an understatement!

Caters News / Raminder Singh

It almost seems like the otter was just getting some laughs out of that whole encounter. Just because you’re a fearsome reptile doesn’t mean you can’t still get picked on!

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