Man’s Bold Paintings Are Raising Eyebrows All Over The World Once People Notice His Unusual ‘Canvas’

From bright and brilliant paintings on standard canvases to eye-popping sculptures made with junkyard trash, the great artists of today and yesterday share their creations in an almost-infinite variety of mediums. Truly, art comes in many different forms.

Still, one Italian artist might just change our understanding of what’s possible. When he picks up a paintbrush and gets to work, you might think he’s gone a little crazy, but that doesn’t stop him from creating masterpieces you have to see…

Artists employ all sorts of mediums to create their work. Some of them use a simple paintbrush to make their masterpieces, while others mold their works out of clay or glass. One thing’s for certain, though: there’s no one correct way to produce art.

Italian artist and photographer Johannes Stötter spent years perfecting his craft, but the canvases he used for his creations were very… unique, to say the least. In fact, it even takes a minute for art connoisseurs to interpret his works…


Johannes was a painter by trade, willing to paint on any canvas, no matter the shape or size, so long as it fits one unusual requirement. See, this bizarre image might look like a photograph of rocks. But it’s not.

In reality, Johannes painted bodies! Using meticulous attention to detail, he carefully concealed his human subjects in still-life arrangements. It took hours to paint his models, but the finished products were nothing short of mind-bending.


Some of Johannes’ models were so camouflaged that you wouldn’t ever know they were there unless someone pointed them out. It took years of practice to learn how to paint the human body like this — so what inspired him to tackle the challenge?


Johannes said his inspiration came from the changing seasons, nature, and everyday objects. He never really had a complete idea of what he was going to paint until the feeling overcame him. Then, he went to work and didn’t stop until his vision was complete.

Saatchi Art

The way he visualized the world was unlike anything else. All artists have a natural gift to see things in a creative way, but Johannes took art to an entirely new level — and it’s clear that his fans loved it!

The detail that he captured on skin was incredible. The texture didn’t allow for any errors, so Johannes planned his ideas out thoroughly before he even puts one single drop of paint onto his human canvases.

This looks like it’s nothing more than a picture of four people enjoying a nice meal. But, then you see it: a person is lying on the table! Whatever the pattern, Johannes could replicate it perfectly. That marble must’ve really taken some work, though!

Texas Hill Country

This was, arguably, one of his best pieces of work. A quick glance would lead you to believe that this is just a simple photo of two parrots. Take a closer look. Yep, it’s painted people. A masterpiece like this took countless hours to produce.

Johannes was the master of body camouflage, but body paint wasn’t the only way for a person to blend in with his or her surroundings. In fact, most of the time, people seem to coordinate with the world around them without even trying…

Not many of us are too concerned about what socks we put on on a given day, but this person probably regretted their footwear choice. Imagine the shock they must’ve felt when they looked down and their feet were gone!

Coincidences can sometimes be startling, but the look on this guy’s face tells you everything you need to know about this unexpected realization. Whether the towel is his or not, one thing’s for sure: this guy has impeccable taste.

Are bowls that are clearly bowls too mainstream for you? Have you always dreamed of eating mac and cheese off your shirt but never wanted to deal with the cleanup? Look no further than this mind-bending bowl that blends seamlessly into floral-print shirts.

Scroll quickly and you’ll think this man was leaning against some kind of futuristic backless chair aimed at improving lumbar support. Look again, however, and you’ll realize that he just really, really liked blue and white stripes.

Whoops! It looks like someone dropped their floral-patterned phone onto the floral-patterned rug. But wait… where did it land? After this image went viral, nearly half of the online users that searched couldn’t find the lost phone. Can you?

It’s one thing to really like gum, but this girl seemed to have taken her gum-cession to the next level. Let’s just hope her eyesight was better than her fashion sense: if she’s not careful, she may end up chewing off one of her fingers!

Whoever said granite countertops were cheesy might have been onto something. For anyone looking to renovate a kitchen for cheap, the rind of this fancy cheese would make the perfect substitute… just as long as you don’t mind the smell. 

It’s the age-old debate: who wore it better? The walls made a strong case with a more subdued look, but the swagger and self-assurance of this woman easily made her the winner of this fashion showdown.

If you thought that this was a picture of a clump of hair on a bed, you’re not alone. Cheetahs are hard enough to spot as it is, but cheetah on cheetah? You’d have to have eagle eyes to spot the girl in this photo on first glance. 

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