18 Wild Creatures That Celebs Actually Kept As ‘Pets’ Despite All Common Sense

Deciding to welcome a pet into your family is a wonderful decision. So long as you can properly care for them and give them the love and attention they deserve, day-to-day life is just better when you have a cool little animal buddy to share it with.

Plenty of famous people own pets, but it’s a little different with them. Because they’re able to spend absurd amounts of money, the animals they can bring into their lives are much more exotic, unique, and sometimes downright dangerous!

1. Mike Tyson’s pigeons: The image most of us have in our heads of Mike Tyson is an aggressive fighter who doesn’t have a soft side, but that’s not true. He actually began domesticating pigeons before his boxing days, and now owns thousands. That’s not the only odd pet he owns…

Pigeons are all well and good, but when you’re a legendary boxer, you need to show your teeth. At one point, Tyson owned several white tigers, but due to increasing financial issues, he ended up giving them away.

2. Tippi Hedren’s lion: Predatory cats should stay in the wild, but actress and model Tippi Hedren welcomed one named Togar into her home in the 1970’s. At the time, she thought it was a good idea, but she has since admitted it was completely absurd.

3. Salvador Dali’s ocelot: It’s no secret surrealist painter Salvador Dali was quite an eccentric person, so it was only natural he had an unconventional pet. Babou, Dali’s ocelot, traveled everywhere with his owner — even restaurants where he’d tie him to the table while he ate.

4. Tori Spelling’s chicken: While most may think of a chicken as a rather odd pet to have, most people aren’t Tori Spelling. ‘Coco Chanel’ frequently travels with her while she gallivants around LA. Spelling even treats her to scones!

5. John Quincy Adams’s crocodile: During his presidency, Adams was gifted a crocodile by the Marquis de Lafayette. One would assume this freaked Adams out, but it didn’t! He actually kept it in the White House bathroom where the First Lady also kept her silkworms.

6. Michael Jackson’s chimpanzee: Bubbles was an adopted chimp who would often accompany the King of Pop on business trips. He lived with Jackson at Neverland Ranch where he slept in a crib in the master bedroom and even used the same bathroom as Jackson!

7. Nicolas Cage’s king cobras: To draw inspiration for the movie Ghost Rider, Cage studied his pet king cobras Moby and Sheba. Cage wanted to terrify audiences who saw his movie, so he mimicked their eerie swaying motions. The snakes are just some of his strange pets, though..

Cage has long believed that studying animals helps him with his acting. Maybe it does,  maybe it doesn’t — either way, he once owned an octopus who he claims helped him hone his acting chops.

8. Hugh Hefner’s zoo: When you’re as rich as Hefner was, you can do crazy things, like turn part of your estate into a zoo! The playboy legend had tons of exotic animals roaming his property, such as peacocks, flamingos, and spider monkeys.

9. Kristen Stewart’s wolf-dog hybrid: While on David Letterman’s late-night talk show some years ago, Stewart said she owned several wolf-dog hybrids. She admitted they have a fierce physical appearance, but once you approach them, they’re incredibly sweet.

10. Charlie Sheen’s Chinese water dragon: When it comes to owning a pet, you need to make sure you can properly care for it. This was something Sheen did not do after purchasing a Chinese water dragon. The animal sadly died of neglect not long after entering Sheen’s life.

11. Vanilla Ice’s kangaroo: When rapper Vanilla Ice purchased Bucky Buckaroo, he was still a baby marsupial. Over the years, the two of them bonded, and Ice has admitted he spoils him rotten.

12. Reese Witherspoon’s miniature donkeys: Witherspoon never had an urge to own mini donkeys until she visited a friend’s farm once and absolutely fell in love with them. She now has two named Honky and Tonky.

13. Nicole Kidman’s alpacas: If you travel to Nashville, Tennessee, you can get up close and personal with alpacas on a Nicole Kidman’s farm! She and her husband, country singer Kieth Urban, love raising them.

14. Steven Tyler’s raccoon: These critters are frequently presented as potentially rabid animals who attack humans, but Steven Tyler will tell you otherwise. Raccoons can be purchased legally and even trained to use a litter box just like a dog! 

15. David Beckham’s micropigs: In 2009, Beckham’s wife Victoria bought him two micropigs for Christmas. They named the adorable little guys David Furnish and Elton John, and they cost about $2,200. Maybe Beckham can teach the swine how to bend a beautiful free kick! 

16. Audrey Hepburn’s deer: Hepburn adopted the baby deer used in the 1959 film Green Mansion. While on set, the two bonded, and the actress named her Pippin. The deer often accompanied Hepburn on errands around Beverly Hills.

17. Leonardo DiCaprio’s tortoise: At a 2010 reptile breeders’ conference, DiCaprio purchased a 38-pound Sulcata tortoise for $400. These particular kinds of tortoises can grow up to 200 pounds and live until they’re 80 years old! Hey, at least the actor invested in a very long-term friend.

18. Paris Hilton’s kinkajou: Most of us have seen Hilton’s small dogs dressed to the nines, but she also owns a kinkajou named Baby Luv. Her exotic friend gained attention in 2006 when he bit Hilton…

When money isn’t an issue, people can sure get their hands on some pretty wild pets.

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