20 Peaceful Pictures That Nobody Realizes Are Hiding Dangerous Secrets

For most wildlife photographers, there’s no greater goal than capturing a photo that prominently features an animal in its natural habitat. They’ll search far and wide to snap shots of creatures that most people don’t ever get to see.

Nature photographer Art Wolfe takes a different kind of wildlife photo. On first glance, his works look like serene landscapes, but take a closer look and you’ll see something else: wild animals hidden in plain sight!

In the wild, spotting some of these masters of disguise could mean the difference between living to see another day—or becoming lunch. Can you find the hidden animals in each photo?

1. Giraffe: In both the wild and in zoos, giraffes are typically one of the easiest animals to spot. After all, how could you not see such a long neck protruding from an animal with an equally noticeable pattern? Nevertheless, this one shot by photographer Art Wolfe is all camouflage!

2. Wolf: As fierce predators in the wild, wolves are often regarded for their uncanny hunting techniques. Now that’s starting to make a whole lot of sense, because this one is nearly impossible to spot.

3. Willow ptarmigan: These birds aren’t normally too hard to find… unless it snowed overnight. Can you find this one hidden in the white snow? She’s in plain sight!

4. Caiman: If there’s one animal you always want to keep track of, it’s any relative of the alligator. Well, good luck finding this beast among all those bright green lily pads! (Hint: he’s got his eye on you.)

5. Great horned owl: There’s a good chance you’ve never seen an owl in the wild. After all, they are nocturnal animals. But it’s hard to find this one, even in the daytime! To find him, you’ll have to read between the lines—er, pine cones.

6. American pika: These little guys are commonly found in the mountains of western North America. But it’s a wonder how Wolfe ever managed to spot this teeny tiny one to get this photo. He must have had the eyes of a hawk!

7. Blue-crowned parrot: Parrots are likely the most easily identifiable birds in the animal kingdom. With their bright-colored feathers, they’re practically impossible not to spot. Yet this one is all green in the front, making her much more difficult to see.

8. Horned adder: One misstep around a snake can be the difference between a day spent hiking with your friends and a trip to the emergency room. Luckily for our photographer, he spotted this one, took its photo, and escaped before it was too late!

9. Leopard: As one of the fastest large cats on Earth, leopards are regarded for their expert hunting skills. If you were the one taking the photo, would you be able to spot this one hiding near the tree without shaking in your boots?

10. Gyrfalcon: This is one of the largest birds of prey in the animal kingdom, so you’d think he’d stand out easily. But trying to find this one among the craggy rocks proves pretty difficult!

11. California ground squirrel: If you live in the suburbs, you probably see dozens of squirrels in a single day in your own back yard. But you’d be hard-pressed to spot this clever critter peeking out from the rocks.

12. Spotted deer: It’s pretty funny that the spotted deer is nearly impossible to “spot” in the thicket of the forest. “Nothing to see here, moving right along. Oh wait, what’s that? There’s definitely a pair of antlers in there somewhere!”

13. Impala: Just imagine walking through this marsh only to stumble upon an impala out of nowhere. That would definitely give you the shock of a lifetime! Luckily for Wolfe, he managed to snap a picture without getting to spooked.

14. Cheetah: If there’s one thing to know about cheetahs, it’s that they’re incredible agile and capable hunters. So suffice it to say, Wolfe’s ability to get anywhere near this big kitty to take her photograph—without being chased down—is absolutely incredible.

15. Common snipe: Good luck spotting this common snipe—which is a type of small bird for those who don’t know—among the snowy bank of this river. He’s practically invisible out there!

16. Wandering tattler: If you went wandering among the rocks the day Wolfe snapped this photo of one remarkably camouflaged wandering tattler, there’s a good chance you would’ve walked right past her. Can you spot the tiny bird among the craggy rocks?

17. Nighthawk: Spotting this nocturnal bird during the day is a real challenge in itself. Luckily, Wolfe’s trained eye helped him to find this flyer despite her clever camouflage among the lichen-covered rocks.

18. Coyote: People always warn their friends and family not to venture into the woods at night since coyotes run wild. Wolfe, however, couldn’t be less concerned, and he snapped this gorgeous photo without any trouble.

19. Klipspringers: It’s incredible that this small South African antelope managed to climb up onto those gigantic boulders, but thankfully Wolfe was there to capture its incredible feat. Stand proud, little klipspringer; you’re quite the talented climber (and hider)!

20. Blue dacnis: In Wolfe’s 35 years of roaming the deserts of South America and Africa, you have to imagine he’s seen just about every animal there is. Yet he still takes the time to take photos of the little animals, like this blue dacnis hidden in a bush. (Hint: look for the blue!)

Art Wolfe definitely has a knack for taking photos of hard-to-see animals. It’s a wonder how he ever trained his eye to spot them so well!

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